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The ERBE philosophy,as Carmen Miraglia feels to convey it to us.

Ms Carmen Miraglia-Erbe founder

Using herbs for the care of the skin and to heal the body has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.As a child growing up in Rome I was exposed to the concept natural to Italians “the concept of natural wellness and beauty”.My family history combined with a strong education in science and growing up with the “Italian beauty” culture provided me with a unique perspective and knowledge.  As I grew older this became a vocation.

I created my formulas 25 years ago with the goal of allowing others to benefit from my vast wealth of knowledge and experience.  I’ve been improving and refining them ever since.  I hope the following synopsis will succeed in illuminating you to the philosophies, properties and abilities of my product line.
 To begin to understand how my formulas heal and protect, a summary of the skin’s anatomy is in  order.

The skin or the Integumentary system is the largest organ of the body.  The surface area for an average adult is approximately 3000 square inches. Its purposes include the following:

        -Provides support for the underlying tissue and organs
    -Regulation of the body’s temperature through the use of blood supply and sweat glands
        -Waste materials are excreted through sweat glands
        -Sensory formation
     -Pigmentation provides protection from damaging ultra violet rays
     -The skin is the primary producer of vitamin D through photochemical action
    -The stratum corneum (the outer most keratinized layer) provides a passive defense against        opportunistic pathogenic organisms

In short the skin acts as a barrier and is the primary organ through which we interact with the world around us.

With all the wonders of the skin and all of it necessary functions it is the most overlooked and under cared for organ of the body.  My ancestors and other earlier civilizations realized this and developed formulas from plants and plant extracts to nourish, enrich, heal and protect this vital organ.

How my formulas nourish, enrich, heal and protect.

The skin is divided into two main structures: the epidermis and the dermis.  The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin and is the first barrier against the elements, dehydration and chemical pollutants.  With overexposure the epidermis becomes thicker and dry causing dehydration, premature aging, loss of elasticity and an overall lifeless appearance.

The dermis or inner layer of the skin is where the cells called melanocytes responsible for the production of pigment reside.  The dermis also contains the fibers responsible for collagen and elastin production which provide strength to the skin.  The dermis also contains the layer know as the stratum germativum which is solely responsible for the production of new cells. Another important layer is that of the hypodermis which contains fatty tissue.  Without proper care this layer becomes thinner over time.  It is important to maintain an ideal status of natural oils underneath the epidermis to prevent fragility of the skin and capillaries.  The atrophy of the production of oils will increase the appearance of deep wrinkles, create dark under eye circles and decrease the elasticity of the skin in general.

The oils used in my production process come from organically grown plants and herbs.  They are processed in a way that allows them to maintain their integrity as the skin absorbs them.  These same formula properties allow the essential oils to reach the underlying and essential layers of the dermis and hypodermis.

What sets my products above other’s

The coming of the manufacturing age brought about many change to our culture.  While everyone benefits from inexpensive mass produced goods there have been negative effects also.  The majority of the products made for the skin today are made from chemicals which are produced to mimic the actions of natural botanical extracts.  While on the surface they may achieve desired results they do not work effectively deep in the derma.  Often times they have negative side effects and can cause more harm then good. 

In summary my formulas and philosophy reflect the need to get back to nature and to re-interpret
 and reintroduce the wonders of tradition.

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