Friday, November 20, 2015

In front of an old Italian Herbalist's Shop,we feel so sorry about a Beauty Industry changing too fast and too radically.

After more than 25 years of succesful presence in the US market,Ms Carmen Miraglia-Erbe founder- regrets that kind of disappearing and authentic,transparent,empathic marketing approach she always wants to associate the ERBE products with...

"Confidence and trust are the major assets we have had all along our retail operation. I learned that people are not just consumers, I felt all the way that there is a lack of professional skills among retail operators,  they undervalue the power of honesty and loving approach with clients. Is all aimed to make a quick sale and not to cultivate a clientele. When I was running the retail operation, I found that people need to feel unique and important, they have to trust that the product suggested is the perfect and appropriate product for them. Of course this have to be sustained by a trained personnel".Carmen Miraglia

We are the manufacturer of the products ERBE by Carmen Miraglia sold in the US since 1988 (exclusively made in Italy skin care line,handcrafted candles,body/face oils and hair care products)

Director of NorthAmerican Operations, Erbe
Sue Fogleman- 
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