Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Growing a clientele base without making any super investment marketing campaign is possible.

Carmen Miraglia,Erbe founder and product developer,reminds us the secret to produce  something unique.

"We think the absolute pure scent of a beauty product is a consistence positive first approach.
To avoid introducing in an already saturated cosmetics market another mass distribution product,the scent and essential oils used have to be natural, delicate, elegant,inviting and evocative, but above all they  have to create an immediate feeling of trust and confidence for a traditional and solid history of cosmetic manufacturing and not just another cosmetic brand with no other origin but a laboratory born chemical product.Texture also plays a big role and for example after using ERBE products, the biggest comment we hear “ it really worked for me, cannot go back to other commercial  products” . What is remarkable is that we  still have a faithful and growing clientele for so many years without ever making an advertising campaign"

....In this video Carmen Miraglia,Erbe founder and product developer,is going to head us towards the splendor of the Italian herbs and plants....(copy and paste this link on your browser)

We are the manufacturer of the products ERBE by Carmen Miraglia sold in the US since 1988 (exclusively made in Italy skin care line,handcrafted candles,body/face oils and hair care products)

Director of NorthAmerican Operations, Erbe
Sue Fogleman- 
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