Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A reminder of the approaching end of our special offer....

Dear Friends,
We'd like please to remind you the approaching end of the following special offer for men and women, by hoping you will visit us at La’Alegria Salon & Spa-previous Erbe by 5th July,
L'Alegria Salon & Spa in New York is your refuge from the shopping frenzy outside where you can find the ERBE line and be embraced by the timeless feel of a traditional Italian "Erboristeria"(Italian herbal pharmacy) in an historic neighborhood in Rome

*For those of you unfamiliar with this location...LA ALEGRIA Day Spa and Salon is the OLD Erbe Spa location that Carmen Miraglia,ERBE founder and owner, was in for many years in NYC since 1988..La Alegria carries all of our Erbe products..Please check them out..

....the amazing video bringing you inside the Spa...

our campaign(copy and paste on your browser)... http://campaign.vpweb.com/124d1342-f671-4d86-995a-81467455d07d/

for more information about our  exlcusively made in Italy skin care line go to 

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