Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ERBE is proud of having participated in the Shared Interest 21st anniversary awards gala and be in such great company.

Mr Archley J. Prudent;  
"Shared Interest  has celebrated the 21st Anniversary Awards Gala  on Thursday, May 14, 2015. More than 400 guests and supporters from across the country and around the world have joined together at New York City’s ESPACE to pay tribute to individuals and organizations that are making a major difference in the lives of Southern Africans.
Graça Machel, Jo Menell and Street Talk and Anne H. Hess and Craig Kaplan. 
The evening featured some fabulous silent auction ,some fantastic items  which include an Art work artist Peter Hensel ,a Nelson Mandela painting donated by artist Adar Ilan from Israel, an evening gown by a South African Designer, a safari trip for Two and  a grand gift basket of ERBE products from La'Alegria Salon & Spa in New York."

 A little about us:  In 1994, when South Africa shook off the shackles of apartheid and elected Nelson Mandela President, Shared Interest was launched to help low-income black South Africans make an economic reality of their hard-won rights and enable international investors to participate in building a more equitable new nation. Shared Interest established a non-profit investment fund to enhance access to commercial credit for low-income black-owned farms and enterprises.  In its first 20 years of operation, Shared Interest has benefited over 2,244,000 individuals by providing $16,494,605 in guarantees and accompanying services to people in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique and in 2015 will be expanding their work to another two countries.
About the Gala: On this night, Shared Interest has honored former first lady of South Africa and Mozambique, Graça Machel, renowned international advocate of African women and children’s rights and Anne Hess and Craig Kaplan, veteran justice, political, labor activists.  We are also honoring Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Jo Menell and Street Talk, his groundbreaking South African television series and Anne Hess and Craig Kaplanone of New York City’s most progressive and politically-active couples serving on the front lines to mobilize US and global human rights.

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