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Epitomizing the Mediterranean approch to beauty.

ERBE skin and body care epitomizes the Mediterranean approach to beauty. Treatments incorporate the highest quality botanical extracts and essential oils grown organically in the Umbrian countryside. Italian biologist Carmela Miraglia founded ERBE day spa and beauty brand in 1987 and based the company in New York's Soho neighborhood. Driven by the credo that healthy plants, not harsh chemicals, are the key to radiant skin, Carmela closely monitors the company lab in Italy to ensure optimal quality control.

Such traditional production methods best preserve the curative properties of each ingredient. Designed for all skin types including the most sensitive skin, ERBE is based on cold-pressed sweet almond oil. All products are completely free of mineral oil, animal substances, synthetic fragrances, wax, colorants or dyes and there is no testing on animals. Among the most popular products are those containing pure essential oils of chamomile, rosemary, lavender, rose, and St. John's Wort. Best sellers include Royal Jelly Nutrient Moisturizer and Chamomile Soothing Moisturizer. Multi-functional in nature, ERBE products provide essential nutrients, tone, improve circulation, restore skin's natural ph balance, and heal problem-specific areas.

Chamomile Cleansing Milk
A truly gentle yet thoroughly effective cleansing cream.

Chamomile Cleansing Milk is a soothing, hydrating, and highly protective, removes make-up and impurities while hydrating the skin. It also helps relieve the irritation of rosacea and acne conditions. 

Dry, sensitive, irritated, capillary fragility


Soothing, emollient and protective pH balanced cream cleanser
Softens and hydrates while removing impurities and make-up
Protects fragile capillaries and soothes irritated skin (allergic skin),
while restoring an even tone to skin with diffused redness
Improves the elasticity, softens and heals dry and flaky skin
Made with soothing plant extracts to reduce redness and restore an even, clear skin tone.
Also calms skin irritated by rosacea and acne


Chamomile Ultra-light Soothing Moisturizer
Rose Distilled Tonic Water
Chamomile & Hawthorn Gel Mask
Chamomile Aromatherapy Oil
Chamomile Eye Contour cream
Orange C Serum


Apply to dry skin, massage gently and remove with moist cosmetic sponge


Soothing and protective cleansing milk, gently cleanses and remove make-up without drying the skin. Made with precious emollients and soothing plants extracts, to soften, hydrate and restore an even tone to skin with diffused redness. Perfect as eye make-up remover

soothing, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries
Sweet Almond Oil
emollient, nutrient
Butcher’s Broom
protects and restores elasticity to capillaries
anti-redness, anti-irritant
Horse chestnut
astringent, tonic
improves circulation

Key Benefits:

Hydrating pH balanced cream cleanser
Gently removes impurities and make-up without drying
Protects fragile capillaries
Soothes irritated skin and allergy-prone skin
Softens dry and flaky skin, leaving it soft and fresh

Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin

Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin


TOTAL NOURISHMENT FOR THE SKIN; one moisturizer for your morning and night time beauty routine that results in a smoother, clearer and younger-looking skin.
In the morning it hydrates, revitalizes and stimulates, at night, it nourishes and soothes diffused redness with natural emollients and nutrients that are essential to maintain a firm and younger looking skin. Royal Jelly has highly soothing properties indicated also to treat rosacea condition
Erbe’s Royal Jelly, rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants
is substantial rich, yet non oily, it absorbs completely into the skin
prevents the formation of premature age lines and loss of elasticity,
promotes the renewal of younger skin cells.


Chamomile Cleansing Milk
Rose|Neroli Distilled Tonic Water
Chamomile & Hawthorn Soothing and Hydrating Mask
Neroli Aromatherapy Oil
Chamomile Eye Contour cream
Orange C Serum


After cleansing and toning, apply to face and throat with a gentle circular massage.


With daily use, the antioxidant action helps delay aging processes and aids in preventing the formation of premature age lines and loss of elasticity

Key Benefits:

Royal Jelly is a bee product
extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants
Regenerative and revitalizing
Stimulates the renewal of healthy skin cells helpful in reducing acne scars
Smoothes and diminishes age lines
Reduces redness, rosacea and irritations
Regular use will firm and smooth wrinkles while improving elasticity
Immediate effects: glow, hydration, tone and elasticity 


Extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and active principles
Anti wrinkle, heals dehydrated skin,
tonic, anti-aging, firming
treats dry and flaky skin, softening, cicatrizing
soothing, protects capillaries
nourishing, rich in Vitamin A-E-F, antioxidant

our line;

nourishing, rich in Vitamin A-E-F, antioxidant

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