Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is the idea behind this project-Collectively,we can.

“Collectively, We Can” is your place to go when you feel, as small business owner operating with limited financial resources and small visibility ,your ideas and products could bring you to the next level of success or more simple personal satisfaction, but this big corporations driven world holds you back, by constantly putting you in situations where you would need a huge list of connections, a substantial economic fire power, or highly technical skills to meet and answer the demands,burocracy related aspects, or the legal issues of a so barely structured and organized market.
“Collectively We Can” has been conceived to encourage small businesses owners, professional in different matters, clientele base of each joining network companies, put at disposal and receive in exchange technical and personal expertise or experience, specific knowledge regarding complex subjects as international market laws, import-export issues, on-line contents communication, skin care formulations or jewelry design capacity etc,or the more simple but not less important, attention and purchasing power of each company single network, who can ,through the platform, come to know of other products made by other companies embracing the project and the discussions on the platform..
Main principles the social network are based on and every participants must believe in and stick to are sustainability in terms of profit margins and environment respect, but especially the idea that by offering what we have and we know at a more limited price, to help potential of smart, creative and hard work people  come out ,it is possible not only to receive moral satisfaction for the support provided, but also more practical long term results, in terms of monetary return and increased visibility.
The financial turmoil we are going through is nothing more than a long process started by the most powerful and some wealthy to widen always more and more the gap of living standards between low-medium class and super rich, but we have still a great mean to reverse this plot and it’s the belief that for every person walking around the streets of this world, whom we help become more happy, respected and supported, we all become and feel more happy, respected and supported.
Francesco and Bo have also started this project to let the brands interact on this new type of social network platform, called Collectively, We Can.
Here we can share the latest news of your brand, your pov of what drives this small niche market and suggestions how to grow as a business. Bo is open to any ideas on blogs interviews, possible collaborations or begins of new projects related to the commercial side of this initiative, for all other questions or type of proposals you can speak directly with Francesco.

Collectively we can gives voices to the world and let potential buyers know you are out there...
There are some unique products made out there in different parts of the planet market, where small entrepreneurs have measured their success by how different they are from the larger businesses that take the idea of beauty and corrupt it through mass marketing and aggressive cost cutting, and, ultimately, silly claims. The big companies do not know you, and, worse, do not care to know you. Rather, they employ the tactics of demographics, psychographics and analytics to reduce you to some abstract being, possessing certain needs and assets.

On the other hand, some small scale production companies have always been hands-on, making simple promises in the form of a highly personal and, so, meaningful message to the
ir  faithful clients. Their products have always been inspired by their relationships.
However, because of this particular business approach, some small entrepreneurs do not really concentrate obsessively on sale growth and international markets but more on quality fueled by the passion for their work, by keeping only a very exclusive domestic distribution
Collectively we can now has brought to light some of those very exclusive companies by inspiring them with the desire of let the worldwide market know about their beautiful creations.
We are thrilled about the idea of having built a bridge between you and those "unique artists" of the high education,of the beauty,of the creativity,of the specific knowledge,of the  techn
ical skills etc,whose great daily actions are known by few and who now  are all part of this group as you could become too another "unique artist".

"Unique artists" who are all  different in what they are able to put at disposal  and  need to receive in exchange from the group,but certainly all pooled together by the same moral principles this project is based on.

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