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How high quality small scale production can still survive in the global market.

Standing for tradition and trying to occupy a niche in the local or international market are two fundamental guidelines  small companies should stick to, if they want to prevent big  mass-production cosmetics corporations  from totally overwhelming them leaving no more opportunities of a significant diversification of high quality products.

In order for 
small and medium size businesses ,operating in the cosmetic industry, to survive the aggressive coming of the big scale production system,they should always measure their success by how different they are from the larger businesses, that often take the idea of beauty and corrupt it through mass marketing and aggressive cost cutting, and, ultimately, silly claims. 
 Big companies do not know people, and, worse, do not care to know people. Rather, they employ the tactics of demographics, psychographics and analytics to reduce everybody to some abstract being, possessing certain needs and assets.

On the other hand, small companies should  be always hands-on, by making simple promises in the form of a highly personal and, so, meaningful message to their faithful clients. The products we propose have to be inspired by our relationships with them.

The majority of  big industry skin care lines include chemicals, which imitate the healing actions of the actual botanical extracts found in  products studied and developed by many small companies,who are still engaged in an highly ethical production approach. What we’ve found is that chemicals, however cheerily or “scientifically” expressed, achieve only superficial and temporary results. They offer illusions—the famous “hope in a bottle.”

  On the contrary,ingredients used by small companies should to be different. Products they propose shall  put the clients on the right healing track. They have to interact with the client's skin; they have to work deeply because they have to be intended to cure actual dermatological problems. The right regime should be few products, each intended to provide real and lasting benefits.

 Small companies 
 committed to produce organic products should mirror themselves in the natural world and the relation to it. They have to come out from a real tradition: for example in our case this tradition is “The Authentic Italian Beauty Tradition.” We are the descendants of generations of men and women who understood the relationship between real beauty and true health and found in the Earth, and for this reason none of the products made by "depersonalizing" big companies could ever compete with what we offer.

  We have been surviving the aggressive coming of the manufacturing age because we have been always committed to raising the awareness of a largely ignored past. We have reclaimed the wisdom of our Italian monks, whose healing practices anticipated by centuries what we think of as “modern” today. They are our past, and we are their future.

Toward that end, we reject the pathological pursuit of profit at the expense of the real. Small businesses aims have to be as humble as their formulations; we have to help people enjoy lasting results from a few truly effective products rather than being caught up in a cycle of useless purchasing. We personally think this entrepreneurial approach is the right path small businesses have to follow if they do not want to disappear under the heavy financial and political power of big corporation.

For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have relied on the healing properties of natural plants and flowers to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on.

Smoothens, helps enhance appearance of skin


Softens the appearance of skin


Mild antiseptic properties; take bath for urinary tract infection, prevents and clears skin impurities and blemishes. Deodorizes and protects from dehydration and hard water, improves elasticity and maintains firm, soft and clear skin. Responds well to inhalations. 

Skin conditioner


Popular in Europe as a scalp treatment. Applies to improve hair strength, shine and body, help reverse scalp conditions such as dandruff and combat hair loss It is also very effective in promoting the renewal of healthy skin cells, giving you a luminous glow immediately.

Topical skin conditioner firms, internally supports vein health

Skin conditioner, nourishes, hydrates and protects from drying effects of hard water, heals dry and flaky skin, increases elasticity. 

Smoothens and tones appearance of skin

Topically helps soothe skin; Soothes irritations and helps strengthen capillaries fragility, diminish redness, improve circulation while hydrating and preventing premature formation of fine lines.

Traditionally used to prevent age spots and skin discoloration.

Natural cleanser, emollient

EUCALYPTUS: Natural essential oil for cleansing and deodorizing

Emollient, conditioner, ease bruises and speed wound healing, wide range of healing powder

Delays loss of elasticity giving an immediate fresh and luminous appearance. Geranium is also good for irritated skin such as eczema and dermatitis. Regulate hormonal imbalances treating all hormone related disorders. Female essence helps with menopausal problems, hot flashes, etc.

Helps blood flow more easily

Skin conditioner

Helps strengthen capillary cells and reduce fluid leakage helps maintain water balance

Emollient, moisturizer

Stimulates, helps relieve muscle tension

Used as an anti-inflammatory, fades scars, eczema, burns, rashes, severely dry skin, dark spots, chapped lips, stretch marks, wrinkles, and in lessening the irritation of psoriasis. Studies have shown it to reduce the effects of UV damage on the skin.

Soothes irritations, and clarifies the skin, balances, tones, clarifies combination and sensitive skin with blemishes, prevents dehydrations while refreshing and revitalizing the skin 


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  2. Hy Trishia,
    I m very happy we have been able to convey the message we wanted,please help us create a network of small businesses,people accustomed to buy from their single small store, etc,it's time for small companies to start lobbiyng,cooperating and sharing what they have,same way big corporations has been doing since they were established,thank you and greetings from Rome
    Francesco Bianchi