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Capillary fragility and skin reddening can be treated with the following herbal blend.

Calendula picked and sun drying 

For millennia, nature was the pharmacy and the natural world provided the ingredients for medicine and beauty. There were two approaches: Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils to enhance and heal) and Phytotherapy (the use of particular plants products to prevent and treat illness).

In the 19th century the industrial revolution defined a new relationship between man and nature, and one aspect of this revolution was the development of the chemical industry. Over time this industry, with its emphasis on standardization, a particular approach to health, and the profit motive, began to substitute synthetic ingredients for vegetal substances and in this way interrupted a long tradition of folk medicine.

However, recently people have begun to rediscover the value and pleasure found in natural products while recognizing the superior results achieved from Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy. The science of Aromatherapy studies the properties and indications of essential oils used to identify their beneficial qualities. These include properties that make them suitable for the maintenance and health of the skin, for personal hygiene, as well as to prevent unbalanced skin conditions. They also help protect cellular membranes from premature aging processes and to diffuse aromatic scents at home to perfume and disinfect.

The authentic systems of extractions used often in Italy are the results of millennium-old cultures and communities that dedicated great efforts and resources to the study and applications of the curative properties derived from medicinal plants and harvested in their ³balsamic time² period. (The moment when the plants offer their highest therapeutic virtue.)

Skin is not merely a sack covering our body¹s bones, muscles and organs. It is, in fact, our largest organ and acts as an armor to protect us from the corrosive external environment. Aromatherapy is one the most effective ways to prevent oxidations, delay aging processes such as loss of skin tone and elasticity, to nourish, protect, purify and rejuvenate. Treatments with essential oils are more intense and therapeutic than those products, such as moisturizers, that lack these essential ingredients. Essential oils can never be used directly on the skin; they must be blended with moisturizers or diluted in some medium such as a vegetable base oil like: Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Avocado, Olive, Karite, Grape Seed Oil.

For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have relied on the healing properties plants and flowers to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on.

"Villa d'Este",one of the most known Italian garden

For example this is one of the oldest herbal formulation to treat dry-sensitive skin 
especially with a tendency to redness and capillary fragility;

Chamomile essential oil ;it soothes and calms irritation, relieves allergic reactions. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, treats capillary fragility, and helps calm eczema and allergic conditions.

Butcher’s broom and Licorice;they have a gentle anti-redness and anti-inflammatory action that reduces redness and improves the tone of uneven blotchy skin.
Butcher’s broom is vasoconstrictor, improves circulation and reduce redness. Licorice; treats acne, calms allergic skin and improves condition of fragile capillaries.

Hawthorn and Horse chestnut; stimulate and improve circulation with a special tonic effect on the capillaries, gradually helping to strengthen and minimize visible ones.
Hawthorn; lightly astringent with tonic and healing effects especially for capillaries.
Horsechestnut; healing, improves circulation, refreshes.

Sweet almond oil; emollient and highly nourishing traditionally used to prevent signs of aging and dehydration.

Karite’; a natural emollient, anti wrinkle, protective, and nourishing.

A lavender field at the"Maremma Toscana"in Tuscany.

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