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Herbal preparations sold at the Italian markets.

An ancient market in Rome.

Growing up in Italy it was customary to be acquainted with the natural healing methods from the folk medicine.Healing properties of plants and flowers are our foundations applied in the everyday life, including beauty receipts used for centuries and improved overtime.

We all have been raised through the knowledge that essential oils, in their pure form and extracted in a safe way, are great preservatives and anti-oxidants.For example, if we extract the active principal of the Lemon, we obtain the “ascorbic acid” used as a preservative and so on.
Everyone knows Chamomile soothes, Rosemary stimulates, Mallow soothes if the gums are irritated, or Calendula cream helps if your skin is flaking dry. Calendula,in deed,possesses  a substantial content of carotenoide and flavonoidi.The essential oil found inside carotenoide has been demonstrated to have incredible antibacterial and antivirus properties,meanwhile the flavonoidi provides this flower with emollient,lenitiv and refreshing properties.For this particular reason in Italy  we love to  use Calendula to treat  the irritated intimate parts of babies,because his healing capacity isolates the irritated part of the skin and adjusts the humidity degree.

During the past Italian alchemists and herbalists were used to using calendula to heal scares. This flower indeed is able to accelerate the natural healing process of scars and stimulate skin tissue granulation when burns, abrasions and small plagues occur. Calendula optimizes also skin blood circulation, by promoting an antibacterial activity.Again Calendula is very helpful to prevent and cure reddened skin during winter if it is utilized constantly at the beginning of the cold season  for all this period of the year.

Clinical studies show that inhaling the aroma of essential oils turns on the entire neuron-endocrine system, the neurological area which intimately affects our deepest emotion. The oils fragrance help re-establish harmony, either in the body’s physiology up to a mental emotional level, balancing our entire personality. Once absorbed through massage, essential oils penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin helping to relieve areas of congestion and improving the quality of our self regulating resources. Essential oils have properties that make them suitable for the maintenance and health of the skin, for personal hygiene, as well as to prevent unbalanced skin conditions. They also help protect cellular membranes from premature aging processes and to diffuse aromatic scents at home to perfume and disinfect. They also act to prevent a wide range of skin disorders associated with aging, resulting in long-lasting, positive effects.

In Italy those type of information represents our everyday life, we always used natural remedies to cure minor ailments, mixing and blending mixtures of herbs for all kinds of needs. The association of various different herbs in one single product is the key to aim at various skin conditions. These associations and relative ratio of dosages is a precise science based on classic preparations provided only custom made by local pharmacies.

Among the most used and known  herbal preparations we love to remember;

Chamomile & Sweet Almond Oil; for the face, light and soothing oil, recommended to heal dry and sensitive skin.Anti-inflammatory,treats capillary fragility, helps calm eczema and allergic conditions. Reduce redness and evens the tone and color of the skin.

Lavender & Sweet Almond oil; Lavender (from Latin-lavare-to wash) is always been associated with cleaning and purification. Balances the natural ph of the skin, normalizes sensitive skin with blemishes. Mildly antiseptic helps prevent bacteria that cause acne and irritation, helps heal scars due to acne, and prevents blemishes.

Rosemary & Almond Oil; Rosemary has been traditionally used to stimulate oily and dull skin, refines the skin texture, reduces and purifies clogged pores, antiseptic quality helps the healing process of skin eruption caused by acne.

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