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ERBE and the authentic Italian beauty culture

We are the manufacturer of the products ERBE by Carmen Miraglia sold in the U.S. since 1987 (exclusively made in Italy skin care line,handcrafted candles,body/face oils and hair care products)

Director of Noth America Operations, Erbe
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“For more than 20 years,my work has been the testimony of an ancient tradition of Italian Herbalism in the U.S.”. “From a dream of quality, herbs and alchemy came a business.” -
 Ms Carmen Miraglia-Erbe founder 

The Authentic Italian Beauty Culture

A word from Erbe’s Creator:Carmen Miraglia

Integrating tradition into modern practice, and the ongoing scientific research of our Laboratorio, have made possible to create an innovative product line, designed for all skin types and conditions, conceived to heal, improve and protect the skin.

The centuries-old Italian beauty culture and practice were born out of the Mediterranean environment, with its myriad of herbs, plants, flowers, fragrances, colors and tastes, all of which have an infinite amount of uses and salutary benefits. In Italy beauty is contemplated and sought after for its healthful properties, aesthetic effects and the pleasure nature promises and delivers.

Using herbs for the care of and to heal the body has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  As a child growing up in Rome and in my family ‘Pharmacia’, I was exposed to the concept natural to Italians “the concept of natural wellness and beauty”.  My family history combined with a strong education in science and growing up with the “Italian beauty” culture provided me with a unique perspective and knowledge.  As I grew older this became a vocation.

I created my formulas 18 years ago with the goal of allowing others to benefit from my vast wealth of knowledge and experience.  I’ve been improving and refining them ever since, the result: products, which are powerfully effective and yet gentle, safe and pleasurable to use.

Therapeutic Effects

I hope the following synopsis will succeed in illuminating you to the philosophies, properties and abilities of my product line

Provides support for the underlying tissue and organs
Regulation of the body’s temperature through the use of blood supply and sweat glands
Waste materials are excreted through sweat glands
Sensory formation
Pigmentation provides protection from damaging ultra violet rays
The skin is the primary producer of vitamin D through photochemical action
The stratum corneum (the outer most keratinized layer) provides a passive defense against opportunistic pathogenic organisms

In short the skin acts as a barrier and is the primary organ through which we interact with the world around us.


 The dermis or inner layer of the skin is where the cells called melanocytes responsible for the production of pigment reside.  The dermis also contains the fibers responsible for collagen and elastin production, which provide strength to the skin.  The dermis also contains the layer know as the stratum germativum which is solely responsible for the production of new cells. Another important layer is that of the hypodermis which contains fatty tissue.  Without proper care this layer becomes thinner over time.  It is important to maintain an ideal status of natural oils underneath the epidermis to prevent fragility of the skin and capillaries.  The atrophy of the production of oils will increase the appearance of deep wrinkles, create dark under eye circles and decrease the elasticity of the skin in general.

The oils used in my production process come from organically grown plants and herbs.  They are processed in a way that allows them to maintain their integrity as the skin absorbs them.  These same formula properties allow the essential oils to reach the underlying and essential layers of the dermis and hypodermis.

What sets my products above other’s

The coming of the manufacturing age brought about many change to our culture.  While everyone benefits from inexpensive mass produced goods there have been negative effects also.  The majority of the products made for the skin today are made from chemicals, which are produced to mimic the actions of natural botanical extracts.  While on the surface they may achieve desired results they do not work effectively deep in the derma.  Often times they have negative side effects and can cause more harm then good. 

In summary my formulas and philosophy reflect the need to get back to nature and to re-interpret and reintroduce the wonders of tradition.

What sets my Services above other’s

We are well known for our Herbal/Aroma/Phytotherapy facials and Aromatherapy massages.  The one-hour facials, meticulously performed by scrupulously trained staff, have no less than 7 stages.  These services leave the skin radiant and glowing.  Over the past 20 years ERBE has acquired a particularly loyal following amongst many of New York’s famous artists, actors and models.

ERBE SPA is on the garden-level of a townhouse on a particularly quiet block of Prince Street in SoHo. (196 Prince Street between MacDougal and Sullivan Streets off of 6th Avenue.)  


In 1988,our company has created the phyto-therapeutic brand ERBE that specializes in plants transformation and active botanical ingredients, offering a contemporary interpretation of herbal formulations, treatments and practices of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture.

We apply most of our research and formulation to create products that are truly functional and safe to use. Based on traditional formulas from the Italian Phytocosmetic,we are committed to continueing this tradition offering skin care products, prepared with top quality  botanical extracts, distillations, vegetable oils and pure essential oils. 

Made in Italy, this exclusive natural line employs the active principles of organic Botanical blends for healthy, beautiful skin. ERBE's unique, original formulae are based on the studies of 16th-century Italian herbalists, physicians and monks, which have been enhanced over the centuries. Our comprehensive range of products for the face, body and hair was originally available only in pharmacies and botanical shops in Italy, where each item was custom-blended to order.

Today, the ERBE collection is made possible by the rigorous selection of the highest-quality plants and herbs, gathered only in their "balsamic time", the limited period when the plants are at the peak of their therapeutic virtues.

These ingredients are then blended in small batches using a combination of traditional and modern scientific techniques.

We are affiliated with a prestigious laboratory in Italy and work closely since 1988.

ERBE has embraced and modernized the Italian Beauty Culture. Our practices are informed by the accumulation of information that has been researched, tested, improved, and enhanced over hundreds of years.

Authenticity is at the heart of the brand.Tradition and authenticity inform every aspect of our work. In fact,our comprehensive line of products was originally available only custom-made in local pharmacies and herb shops in Italy.ERBE's Formulae are as unique as they are original.Our philosophy and our products have their origin antiquity and in the work of 15th and 16th century Italian herbalists, physicians and herbalist monks from celebrated monasteries. The progenitors of our line were originally created as treatments and remedies for physical ailments. The knowledge these early chemists, alchemists and doctors acquired would be,in time,combined with modern science and women's traditional expertise in beauty.

ERBE is recognized as the only brand reflecting the values of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture.
ERBE has grown by word of mouth.Our first fans were advocates of natural beauty solutions and later the lovers of sensuous products.Then,the passion of our customers attracted the attention of Beauty Editors and their enthusiasm for ERBE fanned interest in the products.(Vanity Fair,Allure,Elle magazines etc,have dedicated well known articles to our company and to our incredibly unique and interesting story).

ERBE products are powerful, effective and yet gentle, pleasant and safe to use.
The origins of our products and our philosophy behind them are based on this concept: the perfect synthesis of the ancient knowledge of the Italian beauty culture formulations with modern technology, bringing the art of herbal alchemy into the 21th century and combining nature with science to put you on the healing track that treats your particular skin condition. 

ERBE’s comprehensive knowledge is combined with an abiding respect for nature.We have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the organic processes and plant transformation.Our products are the result of expertise and experience, not faith or trends.We control every aspect of our resourcing and production.We do not simply acquire commodity materials,nor do we hand responsibility for their transformation to a manufacturer. We are deeply involved in every aspect of resourcing and packaging.We not only know which herbs are used, but often the region and even the fields where they were grown and harvested. 

ERBE specializes in active principles of botanical blends,based on coldpressed sweet almond oil, evening primrose,jojoba,karite',St. Johns' Wort,and more.They incorporate extracts of calendula, burdock yarrow, mallow , pure essential oils of chamomile, rosemary, lavender,rose,bergamot,orange and more.ERBE products are completely free of mineral oils,animal substances,synthetic fragrances,wax, colorants or dyes.Nothing is tested on animals.
Everyone knows Chamomile soothes, Rosemary stimulates, Mallow soothes if the gums are irritated, or Calendula cream helps if your skin is flaking dry. In Italy it is our everyday life, we always used natural remedies to cure minor ailments, mixing and blending mixtures of herbs for all kinds of needs. The association of various different herbs in one single product is the key to aim at various skin conditions. These associations and relative ratio of dosages is a precise science and this is what makes all ERBE’sMoisturizers the best appreciated products in our lines. Our skin care products contain a blend of truly precious essential oils and extracts, designed to target a wide range of skin conditions. Our blends contribute in enhancing the skin’s immune system, improve the appearance of dull skin, refresh and rejuvenate, while also delaying signs of aging"

ERBE products: truth in beautyERBE specializes in active principles of botanical blends, based on coldpressed sweet almond oil, evening primrose, wheat germ oil, jojoba, karite' and St. Johns' Wort. They incorporate extracts of calendula, burdock yarrow, mallow etc. and pure essential oils of chamomile,rosemary, lavender, rose, neroli, bergamot, orange and more. ERBE products are completely free of mineral oils, animal substances, synthetic fragrances, wax, colorants or dyes. Nothing is tested on animals.

Production Capacity: We have the ability to tenfold production and maintain our quality integrity.

Our product line consists of:

Skin Care Products: cleansers, moisturizers, distilled floral waters, eye contour creams, facial masks, faceoils, serums, and solar products.

Body & Bath Products: body lotions, hand creams, bath & showers gels, vegetable soaps, body oils, bath oils.

Hair Care Products: shampoos, hair conditioners, hair oils.

Eau de Perfume: a collection of 11 fragrances; 9 single note perfumes and 2 blends of woodsy and floral notes. New combination fragrances are planned for the future. For women and men.

Hand made candles

ERBE is designed for all skin types Our multi-use curative formulations target specific problems, and perform many important functions:

- Provide essential nutrients and emollients
- Encourage the skin to retain moisture and heal itself
- Delay aging processes and improve the elasticity
- Restore unevenly textured skin
- Protect capillary fragility and reduce redness
- Heal and prevent the appearance of acne
- Balance sebum secretion
- Improve circulation
- Eliminate liquids and toxins from the skin

One of the earliest pharmacy in the heart of Rome where we have taken a lot of inspiration from

Some of our best selling products: 

Our Chamomile Eye Contour Cream is an ideal day and nighttreatment that can be used as a make-up base. Chamomile Cleansing Milk: protective and emollient ideal even for the most sensitive skin. ERBE’s Mallow Protective Moisturizer, made with clove, carrot, evening primrose, jojoba, yarrow and lavender, is a protective day cream for all skin types that improves elasticity and targets irregular pigmentation to leave skin evenly toned. Rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants,and vitamins, the popular Royal Jelly Nutrient Moisturizer contains evening primrose, hops, calendula, chamomile and wheat germ oil to restore dehydrated skin. Rosemary & Propolis Moisturizer that gently purifies the skin without drying.

only few of the many articles the most famous beauty magazines have dedicated  to erbe.

japan recognizes the integrity and beauty of our products
The famous Audrey magazine describes Erbe as the"cosmetics cult"made in Italy

 Carmen Miraglia,president of the company, states:

"Growing up in Italy it was customary to be acquainted with the natural healing methods from the folk medicine, everyone knows that Chamomile soothes and Rosemary stimulates. These plants are our foundations applied in the everyday life, including beauty receipts used for centuries and improved overtime. As a former product developer, for other cosmetic companies, I became more and more disenchanted with this world of ordinary formulations with no functional activity but only for commercial purposes. I felt I had to go back to what I knew best, personalized natural formulations, ready to use receipts for beauty and personal hygiene, based on extremely pure ingredients and without additives or chemicals but no shelf life. They were classic preparations previously available only custom made in local pharmacies. Soon my small artisan activity became a business and started researching for the appropriated additives to incorporate in my formulations, without altering or diminishing the effects of the botanical ingredients but, enhancing their efficacy to convey and maintain the properties of our herbs, roots and flowers.

There are “chemicals” deriving from plants and “transformed” into a preservatives or antibacterial that may complete or enhance the functional activity of the plants. Essential oils, in their pure form and extracted in a safe way, are great preservatives and anti-oxidants, if we extract the active principal of the Lemon, we obtain the “ascorbic acid” used as a preservative and so on. Many plants, once they go under a transformation process may assume a fantasy name, we rigorously select the additives to incorporate in our products. The process of “transformation”, of vegetal origin ingredients, is fundamental to realize our line of products.

We rely on the work of family owned business for years who are determined to continue and maintain a traditional method of manufacturing passed on from generation to generation. We work very close for over 25 years now. Actually the new generation is more dedicated to quality, they have chosen to improve and grow with particular attention to quality and integrity. From our sources of the plants, their transformation and their employment, we control every aspect of production, including our packaging and designs. My suppliers, my graphic designer, my lab collaborators and I have formed a trustworthy team and by learning from each other, we create these products that are designed to be safe, functional and pleasant to use.

Another great extract taken by Ms Miraglia last interview with Monthly Express;

- What was the catalyst for you to start your company?

“My work is the testimony of an ancient tradition of Italian Herbalism.
From a dream of quality, herbs and alchemy came a business.”
Born into a centuries old tradition I refined my knowledge studying herbs and their therapeutical benefits for the health and beauty, with herbalist monks in the Italian country side.This allowed me to discover and access a vast library of information and philosophy of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture, with all its history, practices and work of herbalist monks and physicians from the 15th century. Part inherited part collected, I accumulate a considerable knowledge and methods of the phyto/aroma cosmetics, improving and optimizing classic formulations, combining science with nature to make the world’s finest cosmetics and perfumes. After spending several years working in the family pharmacy, where each cream was made of fresh fruits, essential oils and herbs with no preservatives that expired after two to three weeks. I remember as a young girl in the summer my aunts making me creams out of fresh herbs and fruits and how amazing that was every summer. I expanded into making custom cosmetics for some of Italy’s leading families. These custom cosmetics caused a sensation, being that each product was custom blended specifically for each client’s skin type. Of course all was done on a small scale and before I dedicate my entire time in developing ERBE, I collaborate part time as a product developer for some of Europe’s most prestigious cosmetic companies, I found myself frustrated with the synthetic nature of the products I was developing under request, so I decided to do what my ancestors have been doing for centuries and put it in packages and sell it on a larger scale.

  - What is the essence of your business and your product line?

ERBE specializes in plants transformation, extractions and distillation.
Our product lines have their origin in the methods and practices of Phyto/therapy (healing with plants) and Aromatherapy (healing with essential oils)
That branch of Aromatherapy known as  aroma/cosmetica  uses the power of penetration through the tissues of the essences, to establish beauty treatments that are not limited to the surface of the skin but, to be corrected in a stable cells renewal  process. The therapeutic  properties  of the essential oils in pharmacology are also the foundation of their special and profound action in dermo-cosmetics.
Essential oils perform the function of stimulating the exhausted tissues, promote cell renewal and maintain constant the level of purification. The best results are obtained with blends of essential oils that work synergy with  oils or creams or emulsions and extractions. The most recent research has developed dermo-cosmetic functional products based on specific essences for various treatments that integrate the therapeutic aspect-base with the aesthetic. More practically, the plants can be considered as a laboratory containing many chemicals, extractable in different ways depending on the method used. From each of these methods it is possible to obtain a final product with specific requirements and characteristics, with specific therapeutic indications. The extractive techniques applied to material of vegetable nature, are employed as well as for obtaining the pure active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants. Aroma-cosmetics are based on the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils. The sources and quality of the row natural ingredients play a primary role, harvest must occur in season and in the (balsamic time) when the plants offer the most of their therapeutic properti

 - What makes ERBE remarkable and memorable?

I think the absolute pure scent of the products is a consistence positive first approach.
The natural, delicate and elegant smell that characterizes all our products, is inviting and evocative, creating an immediate feeling of trust and confidence for a traditional and solid history of cosmetic manufacturing and not just another cosmetic brand with no other origin but a lab born chemical product.Texture also plays a big role and after using ERBE products, the biggest comment I hear “ it really worked for me, cannot go back to other commercial  products” . What is remarkable is that I still have a faithful and growing clientele for so many years without ever making an advertising campaign.

- From where or whom do you draw your greatest inspiration?

Of course the first “ maestro” is the work of  famous herbalist physicians from the 15th centuries. They were the first to codify and create beauty products as we know them today. But, I must say that the fascinating and charming word of the women in my life as I was growing up, had the strongest influence in my future chooses. Their life style, the attention they had towards beauty and health, my mother exchanging receipts and beauty secrets with friend, and the smell of the flowers in our evenings promenades,  made me realize that that was the world I wanted to leave in, a simple and elegant life style made of quality and care.

- What are some major things you’ve learned while running ERBE?

Confidence and trust are the major assets we have had all along our retail operation. I learned that people are not just consumers, I felt all the way that there is a lack of professional skills among retail operators,  they undervalue the power of honesty and loving approach with clients. Is all aimed to make a quick sale and not to cultivate a clientele. When I was running the retail operation, I found that people need to feel unique and important, they have to trust that the product suggested is the perfect and appropriate product for them. Of course this have to be sustained by a trained personnel 

- What has been your favorite or most poignant memory of your company to date?

There are many good memories starting with my clients bringing their teen age children from great compliments I had from several celebrity clients but, the most moving thing is when I saw people regaining a youthful skin and appearance a see their total satisfaction and happiness. I have to admit that  most of the people who have been using ERBE products methodically for a long time, they kept a younger skin and vs. people who did not.

- Any plans you can share with us about the future of ERBE?

I see there is an empty space in the market for true herbal products, I would like to cover that market. There is a growing public seeking natural products but it is difficult to discern among the many so called “ natural” “organic” brands. There is a lot of confusion and I feel is important for me to be distinguished by that type of categories because, regardless of their claim, in reality most cosmetic company uses the same commercial bases as everyone else, synthetic or “reconstructed” essential oils and inert row ingredients. So far ERBE has been recognized as the only brand reflecting the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture and my plan is try to pursue this concept with integrity and innovations.

One of our most recently hand made candles

A famous botanical garden close to Rome-Italy

Based on this simple concept we have formulated some of our best selling products: (to check our comprehensive line of products,please ask us our Erbe products brochure).

-Mallow day cream moisturizer.

Our mallow cream moisturizer  is based on an incredible skin discoloration and sun damage protective formula, composed  by cloves traditionally used for dark spots, Carrot which is a natural sun protector, jojoba for his emollient action, and yarrow and lavender which together  provide  a tonifying, astringent and soothing  action on your skin.

This formula so conceived helps  your skin protect  from environmental damages. 

 A truly protective, soothing, hydrating and toning moisturizer that helps prevent premature aging due to sun damage. Mallow Day Protective Moisturizer is especially prepared for dry, mature skin and irregular pigmentation.

Light and easy to absorb; perfect as a make-up base. Its unique aroma is derived from the essential oil of Clove, an herb traditionally used to prevent age spots and skin discoloration.


soothing, refreshing, decongestant
traditionally used to fade dark spots
Evening Primrose
anti wrinkle
tonifying, mildly astringent
soothing, healing
Key Benefits:

  • Light, hydrating, UV protective moisturizer for face and throat
  • Repairing cream for any skin types that have repeated exposure to the elements
  • Prevents sun damage and premature appearance of age lines
  • Improves faded elasticity and restores the natural tone
  • Normalizes irregular pigmentation associated with aging or over exposures
  • The light texture is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it smooth and soft without oily residues


Neroli Oil is highly hydrating and toning with anti-oxidant and purifying qualities to prevent premature aging and dehydration, soothe irritations, revitalize dull relaxed skin, refine pores and restore a clear and luminous complexion.

-Chamomile eye contour

The authentic Italian beauty culture treats the delicate skin around your eyes.The synergic healing action of the following plants and flowers creates your ideal eye treatment and make-up base.

Chamomile; anti-inflammatory, treats capillary fragility, helps calm eczema
Mallow; healing, decongestant, helps prevent age lines and reduce eye swelling.
Calendula; treats dry and flaking skin, softens ad prevents dehydratation.
Horse chestnut-improves circulation
Karite'; a natural emollient and anti wrinkle.
Jojoba; tonic, treats dry skin and wrinkles.

The Erbe chamomile eye contour is based on this soothing and gentle formulation, which helps the delicate part around our eyes maintain the elasticity, reduce signs of fatigue and the appearance of fine lines.

Our eye contour is anti-irritant ad hypo-allergenic, safe enough for hyper sensitive or allergic skin.
For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have relied on the concept of herbal formulation, to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on. 

-Orange vitamin C serum,

Orange C Serum offers anti- oxidant, hydrating and clarifying qualities that work on all skin types.
Our Orange C Serum helps to prevent aging and loss of elasticity. Lightly astringent and clarifying, this product refines texture while firming face contour and leaving the skin supple, smooth and clear. Recommended to massage gently till Serum is completely absorbed,followed with moisturizers.

Our Vitamin C ORANGE SERUM moisturizer derive its healing properties from the incredible curative capacities of oranges, providing a very important anti radical, hydrating and helping preserving skin elasticity action.

Our serum is also made with:

-Orange, which has an important cell regeneration capacity with mild astringent effects that refines the skin texture.

-Horse chestnut

-Chamomile Matricaria-healing and regenerative, anti-inflammatory, treats capillary fragility, helps healing eczema and allergic conditions.

-Calendula-nourishes and heals dry and flaky skin, softens and prevents dehydration
-Lemon-a natural purifier, anti-oxidant astringent and tonic, balances the natural ph of the skin.

Orange is at the base of the authentic Italian beauty culture.

Chamomile Cleansing Milk

A truly gentle yet thoroughly effective cleansing cream.

Chamomile Cleansing Milk is a soothing, hydrating, and highly protective, removes make-up and impurities while hydrating the skin. It also helps relieve the irritation of rosacea and acne conditions. 


soothing, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries
Sweet Almond Oil
emollient, nutrient
Butcher's Broom
protects and restores elasticity to capillaries
anti-redness, anti-irritant
astringent, tonic
improves circulation

Key Benefits:

Hydrating pH balanced cream cleanser
Gently removes impurities and make-up without drying
Protects fragile capillaries
Soothes irritated skin and allergy-prone skin
Softens dry and flaky skin, leaving it soft and fresh


Ideal to heal combination and sensitive skin with blemishes and acne breakouts. Refreshes, revitalizes, clarifies and improves the appearance of dull skin uneven skin tone. Promotes the renewal of healthy skin cells, necessary to help fade scars, sun spots and to refine skin texture

-Royal Jelly Moisturizer  

This special moisturizer combines Royal Jelly, Evening Primrose, Hops, Calendula, Chamomile and Wheat Germ Oil to treat dry, sensitive, mature skin as well as rosacea. In the morning, it hydrates, revitalizes and stimulates, providing an immediate feeling of freshness and softness, while restoring a luminous tone and beautiful skin. At night, it nourishes and soothes thanks to its natural emollients and nutrients that are essential for younger looking skin 

Royal Jelly                    
extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and active principles
Evening Primrose
anti-wrinkle, heals dehydrated skin
tonic, anti-aging, firming
treats dry and flaky skin, sofeting, cicatrizant
soothing, protects capyllaries
Wheat Germ Oil
nourishing, rich in vitamins a-e-f, antioxidant

Key Benefits:

Royal Jelly is a bee product extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants
Regenerative and revitalizing
Stimulates the renewal of healthy skin cells helpful in reducing acne scars
Smoothes and diminishes age lines
Reduces redness, rosacea and irritations
Regular use will firm and smooth wrinkles while improving elasticity
Immediate effects: glow, hydration, tone and elasticity

Our new body and hair care lines


Lavender Body Lotion is a soft and hydrating emulsion that soothes irritated skin, protects from drying effects of hard water,improves the tone and the elasticity, leaving the skin soft, fresh and silky smooth. Ideal also for sensitive skin with diffused redness and as a nourishing and hydrating after sun lotion .The light and soft texture is quickly absorbed leaving no oily residues.The simple and natural aroma derives exclusively from the EO. of Lavender.


LAVENDER  soothing, purifying, balancing, healing
EVENING PRIMROSE  nourishing, emollient –anti-aging
SWEET ALMOND OIL  hydrating, emollient, softening, suitable for all skin types
AVOCADO OIL  nourishing, emollient, smoothing
VITAMIN A anti-oxidant, regenerating, anti-aging
VITAMIN E  Anti-aging, repairing, protective.
BURDOCK astringent, balancing, purifying, anti-irritant
BIRCH  astringent, purifying, uneven skin texture
LILIUM CANDIDUM BULB EXTRACT  soothing, softening, astringent,emollient, demulcent.
WHEAT GERM OIL  antioxidant, nourishing and emollient.



Replenishing shine enhancer hair conditioner; a nourishing smooth cream with restructuring, antistatic, softening and detangling qualities. Protects dry and processed hair preventing split hair while penetrating into the structure of the hair, allowing a soft and fluffy hair style. The rich texture repairs dry and damaged hair without leaving oily residues. Neutralizes the drying effects of hard water. Nettle  fortifies and revitalizes dull thinning hair preventing it from breaking. Burdock is a purifier with antiseptic properties aimed to maintain the skin of the scalp in its ideal hygienic condition, promoting healthier hair growth while, the action of Mint and Thyme combined, balances and refreshes. Linden calms irritated scalp, while Bitter Orange, acting as an astringent regenerates skin cells, helping eliminating dead cells and flaky skin


LAVENDER soothing, purifying, balancing, healing
ROSEMARY purifying, stimulating, revitalizing
MINT refreshing, toning, anti- oxidant, astringent
BURDOCK ROOT stimulating, toning, detoxifying
BIRCH - astringent, purifying, soothing, anti-septic,
LINDEN balancing, soothing, moisturizing
BITTER ORANGE purifying, balancing, astringent
NETTLE fortifying, protective, anti-inflammatory
....and many more

  -Chamomile Ultra-light Moisturizer 

A really effective ultra-light anti-inflammatory moisturizer.

This light moisturizer is thoroughly absorbed, simply apply after cleansing and toning with a gentle circular massage for smooth, soft and younger looking skin. Looking for something for the man in your life, our Chamomile Moisturizer works beautifully as a soothing after-shave. 


soothing, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries
Sweet Almond Oil
emollient, nutrient
Butcher's Broom
protects and restores elasticity to capillaries
anti-redness, anti-irritant
astringent, tonic
improves circulation
anti wrinkle, tonic

Key Benefits

·         Light, soothing, anti-redness moisturizer
·         Hydrates and prevents coetaneous aging
·         Reduces diffused redness and skin irritation
·         Helps strengthen and diminish visible capillaries
·         Improves circulation
·         Restores a clear tone and luminous skin
·         Thoroughly absorbs, leaving no shiny residues
·         Ideal for men to soothe razor burn

-Calendula Body Lotion 

Nourishing, Healing, Anti Stretch Marks

Our Calendula, Orange Blossom, Echinacea, Ginseng and Wheat Germ Oil Body Lotion, nourishes, hydrates and heals dry/flaky skin while protecting from dehydration and frequent washing. Prepared with precious nourishing and emollient botanicals, Calendula Body Lotion is calming and anti-inflammatory, refreshes and softens the skin leaving it toned and smooth. Calendula is also safe to use during and after pregnancy to help prevent and minimize stretch marks. The scent of orange blossom is mild and clean, agreeable to both men and women.


Orange Blossom
Wheat Germ Oil

Key Benefits:

The richest of Erbe body lotions
Nourishes, hydrates, and protects from hard water
Prevents dehydration and reduce redness
Prevents loss of elasticity
Recommended during pregnancy to prevent and minimize stretch marks

Additional Notes
 The mild and clean scent of Orange Blossom essential oil is agreeable to both men and women. Calendula associated with Echinacea is essential in preventing stretch marks.


There are many reasons why beeswax candles are higher than those of common paraffin wax, burn cleanly and longer, do not drip and do not produce harmful substances such as soot and smoke. 
To mantain a light and pleasant aromatic odor reminiscent of honey, to perfume the house of course,ERBE has created a collection of Candles and Scented Candles with precious essential oils that spread in the refined aromatic notes and balsamic, giving a pleasant feeling comfort and well-being.
To purify the rooms, we have combined the beeswax with a very high percentage of propolis, known for its purifying and antiseptic properties,able to refresh the air of moist and closed ambiences and produce light more intense and golden


  1. To whom it may concern...
    Re. ERBE has been a Phyto-therapeutic brand
    Calendula heals scares,minimizes stretch marks and promotes antibacterial activity...
    1) Any clinical trials done… with images… if you have proof that Calendula heals scares, minimizes stretch marks and promotes antibacterial activity…
    2) For what kind of scars…. are the products supposed to be used???
    3) Hypoallergenic tests and other CE certificates…???
    4) Where there products are sold...
    5) If private label is possible…???

    With kind regards,
    Dr . Fred Rosengart
    CEO / ROXO Ltd.

  2. But where can I buy these products in New York?