Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A quote from Ms Badri, an Erbe admirer who writes on her beauty tips blog:” Italian perfumes have no match in the world”.

"Tell anyone that you are going abroad and offer to get what they want; you would be surprised to note that nearly 70% of the requests would be perfumes made in France.

Very few people (yeah, you can include me) know that Italian perfumes have no match in the world. You can consider those few people as authentic fragrance checkers.
If you don’t agree with me, buy once, Givenchy range of perfumes. I need not say any more.

Actually, Italian beauty products are favorites of those who know how to appear beautiful. You can deduce who they are. Some of the beauties and stunners in the world would gladly endorse Italian Erbe skin care products.

The SPA located in Soho area in New York is an exclusive outlet for Erbe beauty products which are completely made from herbs and plants and 100% free of chemicals. The proud Italians were shrewd to follow what was written about natural care products by the 15 and 16th century monks.

The aromatherapy lineage is grateful to some of the most exotic essential oils that chamomile, juniper, lavender. Erbe skin care and aromatic products use these essential oils.

Before I direct you to the website of Erbe beauty products, I want you visit http://erbeitalianskincare.blogspot.it/ which focuses on all-natural beauty products range manufactured by Erbe.

I am going to tease with a piece of information I took from the above mentioned blog:
Have you ever heard about a bio cream that contains ozone-oxygen and Vitamin E? It is called Olea Europea Biocream, a moisturizer.
Unique-eh? Go ahead and visit the blog. You would find yourself digging further."

“Erbe,100% natural products from Italy”-Beauty,fashion,style,trends and tips- June 30, 2012 by Malathy Badri from http://beautyneeds.infiniteinfo.net/2012/06/30/erbe-100-natural-beauty-products-from-italy/.

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