Thursday, July 26, 2012

ERBE and the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture

ERBE is a brand built on twin aspects of skin-care-beauty. Our products offer a contemporary

reinterpretation of the formulations and practices of the Italian Beauty Culture

A History of Hands-on Research. ERBE has embraced and modernized the Italian Beauty Culture. Our

practices are informed by the accumulation of information that has been researched, tested, improved, and

enhanced over hundreds of years.

Authenticity is at the heart of the brand. Tradition and authenticity inform every aspect of our work. In

fact, our comprehensive line of products was originally available only custom-made in local pharmacies and

herb shops in Italy.

ERBE's Formulae are as unique as they are original. Our philosophy and our products have their origin

antiquity and in the work of 15th and 16th century Italian herbalists, physicians and herbalist monks from

celebrated monasteries. The progenitors of our line were originally created as treatments and remedies for

physical ailments. The knowledge these early chemists, alchemists and doctors acquired would be, in time,

combined with modern science and women's traditional expertise in beauty.

ERBE is recognized as the only brand reflecting the values of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture.

ERBE has grown by word of mouth. Its first fans were advocates of natural beauty solutions and later the

lovers of sensuous products. The passion of our customers attracted the attention of Beauty Editors and their

enthusiasm for ERBE fanned interest in the products

ERBE’s comprehensive knowledge is combined with an abiding respect for nature. We have a deep and

comprehensive knowledge of the organic processes and plant transformation. Our products are the result of

expertise and experience, not faith or trends.

We control every aspect of our resourcing and production. We do not simply acquire commodity materials,

nor do we hand responsibility for their transformation to a manufacturer. We are deeply involved in every

aspect of resourcing and packaging. We not only know which herbs are used, but often the region and even

the fields where they were grown and harvested.

Our organic botanicals are of indisputable origin. ERBE products are effective, gentle, pleasant and safe to

use. Every item is conceived and formulated to promote healing and enhance beauty, while creating an

agreeable feeling of well being.

ERBE products: truth in beauty. ERBE specializes in active principles of botanical blends, based on coldpressed

sweet almond oil, evening primrose, wheat germ oil, jojoba, karite' and St. Johns' Wort. They

incorporate extracts of calendula, burdock yarrow, mallow etc. and pure essential oils of chamomile,

rosemary, lavender, rose, neroli, bergamot, orange and more. ERBE products are completely free of mineral

oils, animal substances, synthetic fragrances, wax, colorants or dyes. Nothing is tested on animals.

Production Capacity: We have the ability to tenfold production and maintain our quality integrity.

Our product line consists of:

Skin Care Products: cleansers, moisturizers, distilled floral waters, eye contour creams, facial masks, face

oils, serums, and solar products.

Body & Bath Products: body lotions, hand creams, bath & showers gels, vegetable soaps, body oils, bath


Hair Care Products: shampoos, hair conditioners, hair oils.

Eau de Perfume: a collection of 11 fragrances; 9 single note perfumes and 2 blends of woodsy and floral

notes. New combination fragrances are planned for the future. For women and men.

ERBE is designed for all skin types Our multi-use curative formulations target specific problems, and

perform many important functions:

8 Provide essential nutrients and emollients

8 Encourage the skin to retain moisture and heal itself

8 Delay aging processes and improve the elasticity

8 Restore unevenly textured skin

8 Protect capillary fragility and reduce redness

8 Heal and prevent the appearance of acne

8 Balance sebum secretion

8 Improve circulation

8 Eliminate liquids and toxins from the skin

Some of our best selling products: our Chamomile Eye Contour Cream is an ideal day and night

treatment that can be used as a make-up base. Chamomile Cleansing Milk: protective and emollient ideal

even for the most sensitive skin. ERBE’s Mallow Protective Moisturizer, made with clove, carrot, evening

primrose, jojoba, yarrow and lavender, is a protective day cream for all skin types that improves elasticity

and targets irregular pigmentation to leave skin evenly toned. Rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants, and

vitamins, the popular Royal Jelly Nutrient Moisturizer contains evening primrose, hops, calendula,

chamomile and wheat germ oil to restore dehydrated skin. Rosemary & Propolis Moisturizer that gently

purifies the skin without drying.

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