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Chamomile heals rosacea and protects sensitive skin

Soothing, hydrating, anty-inflammatory moisturizer for dry, delicate and sensitive skin, capillary fragility.
Light and non-oily hypo-allergenic cream, with soothing and hydrating qualities. Especially formulated for delicate, sensitive and fair skin with a tendency to redness and/or with coupe rose condition, helping to strengthen damaged capillaries and lighten visible ones.
Replenishes moisture and nourishes, with delicate and precious essential oils and emollients, preventing loss of elasticity and premature appearance of fine lines.
Softens and protects, restoring an even and radiant complexion.


Beauty tips for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

The soothing chamomile essential oil characterizes the aroma of our chamomile moisturizer made with the special botanical formulation below which is perfectly absorbed by the skin without leaving any residues:

Chamomile: soothes, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries, anti-inflammatory, and helps eczema and allergic conditions.
Sweet almond oil: emollient, nutrient, used traditionally to prevent dehydration and signs of aging.
Butcher’s Broom: protects and restores elasticity to capillaries.
Licorice; anti redness, anti irritant, treats acne, calms allergic skin and improves condition of fragile capillaries.
Horse chestnut; astringent, tonic, improves circulation, refreshes
Hawthorne: improves circulation, lightly astringent with tonic and healing effects especially for capillaries
Karite’: a natural emollient, antiwrinkle, tonic, protective and nourishing.

Key benefits;
Light, soothing, anti-redness moisturizer
Hydrates and prevents coetaneous aging
Reduces diffused redness and skin irritation
Helps strengthen and diminish visible capillaries
Improves circulation
Restores a clear tone and luminous skin
Thoroughly absorbs, leaving no shiny residues
Ideal for men to soothe razor burn

Note; perfetc make-up base also ideal for men to prevent and calm razor burn.

Our chamomile moisturizer is part of the Erbe skin treatments regime exclusively developed for for dry, sensitive and mature skin and made with:
-Soothing plant and floral extracts.
-Emollient vegetable oils and healing essential oils
-Rich in nutrients, vitamins and natural antioxidants

Erbe’s treatment regime for dry/sensitive skin.

They are gentle and effective herbal remedies that work with the skin to enhance its ability to function normally, retain moisture, and prevent premature appearance of aging signs helping maintain a beautiful, smooth and younger looking skin.
Follow these daily cleansing, toning and nourishing treatments listed below, every morning and evening,

Cleansing: chamomile cleansing milk/calendula non soap bar(dry skin use alternatively with cleansing milk)
Toning: rose water(dry,mature,delicate capillaries)/lavender water(dry,normal,sensitive with blemishes)
Hydrate: Chamomile moisturizer(dry,normal,delicate,sensitive with redness, visible capillaries)/royal jelly moisturizer(very dry,mature,loss of elasticity,sensitive,allergic)
Protect & Hydrate: mallow day moisturizer spf 6(dry,normal,mature,irregular pigmentation,great make-up base)

Cleansing: chamomile cleansing milk/calendula non soap bar(cleanses and also removes make-up)
Toning: rose water/lavender water
Nourish:Royal jelly moisturizer (dry, mature, night treatment for sensitive or irritated skin-rosacea)/geranium moisturizer anti-aging treatment (mature-dehydrated-stressed skin, loss of tone and elasticity.

Plus twice a week:
Pennywort exfoliant gentle granular cream (all skin types including sensitive)/chamomile & hawthorn gel mask (dry-sensitive-mature. Hydrates, firms, tones, refreshes and reduces redness.

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