Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Calendula healing properties according the authentic Italian beauty culture

During the past Italian alchemist and herbalist were used to using calendula to heal scares. This flower indeed is able to accelerate the natural healing process of scars and stimulate skin tissue granulation when burns, abrasions and small plagues occur. Calendula optimizes also skin blood circulation by promoting an antibacterial activity.

Calendula possesses anti inflammatory properties which stimulate the immune protection and which can be explained thanks to the high carotenoidi content whose this flower is provided. Indeed, the essential oil found inside carotenoide has been demonstrated to have incredible antibacterial and antivirus properties.

The flavonoidi content found in the Calendula provides this flower with emollient,lenitiv and refreshing properties.Therefore ,we recommend Calendula for the irritation of babies private parts, because his healing capacity isolates the irritated part of the skin and adjusts the humidity degree.

Again Calendula is very helpful to prevent and cure reddened skin during the winter if it is utilized constantly at the beginning of the cold season and for all this period of the year.

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