Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I support the new PCDH19 Epilepsy Awareness and Research League

Francesca Squillante,founder of "Insieme per la ricerca PCDH19" here in Italy states:

"We are pleased to announce the formation of an international group aimed at coordinating national foundations that support those with PCDH19 Epilepsy. 
PCDH19 Epilepsy Awareness and Research League (PEARL) was created by the following national organizations: 
-Insieme per la Ricerca PCDH19 – Italy (www.pcdh19research.org)
-Asociacion Epilepsia Rosa – Spain (www.pcdh19.net/epilepsia-rosa.html)
-PCDH19 France – France (www.pcdh19france.fr)
-The Cute Syndrome Fondation – USA (www.thecutesyndrome.com)

PEARL will encourage collaboration, promote and coordinate research projects, initiatives, and funds allocation on an international basis in order to benefit very precious and rare pearls, children living with PCDH19 Epilepsy"

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