Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bringing back the old Italian vibe in New York has been our mission since 1988

Bringing back the old Italian vibe only here at La'Alegria Spa in Manhattan. You may be very far from the actual Rome but as an Italian i can tell you if  you want to feel as if Italy came to you just step in this amazing salon. The aroma and stigma of La'Alegria offers the authentic culture that Italy has to offer. Manhattan is full of spas and salons but the service quality and the precision this salon takes is on another wavelength. Italy lives in SOHO at 196 Prince st.

L'Alegria Salon & Spa in New York is your refuge from the shopping frenzy outside,where you can find the ERBE line and be embraced by the timeless feel of a traditional Italian "Erboristeria"(Italian herbal pharmacy) in an historic neighborhood in Rome

A relaxing cup of coffee and beige palette combined with the soft lighting invites you into the surrounding environment. All the intangible extras such as the music, flowers and the fabrics are distinguishing characteristics of La Alegria Salon & Spa

Welcome to La'Alegria salon and spa which has recreated the experience of an Italian Erboristeria,where the philosofy,treatments,products and services have their origin in the work of Italian herbalists and are designed to promote healing and enbance beauty.Even the most sensitive and discerning clients will find in Erbe's skin Care products and Spa services,a level of care that results in radiant and glowing skin.Gift Certificate Available!!!

La Alegria Salon & Salon offers a pleasant and serene environment where our guest can come and enjoy a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This spa and salon immerses you with services and products founded on La Alegria Salon & Spa Pure Flower and Plant Essences. La Alegria offers a complete head-to-toe spa experience including the highest quality hair care, skin care, body treatments, make-up, and waxing services. Spa & Salon is a haven for those seeking first-rate services.

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