Thursday, January 15, 2015

We are happy to greet you at the next ERBE event in New York-come and meet the ERBE founder from Italy.

Dear friends,
Come and meet the ERBE founder Carmen Miraglia via skype,
We would like to invite you to the next ERBE event at L'Alegria Salon & Spa in New York, your refuge from the shopping frenzy outside,where you can find the ERBE line and be embraced by the same timeless feel of a traditional Italian "Erboristeria"(Italian herbal pharmacy) in an historic neighborhood in Rome.
Live entertainment and shows,then you could also meet Ms Carmen Miraglia,the Erbe founder and product developer,via skype.Also ERBE representatives will be at the event to speak with you on behalf of our brand,which brings the authentic values of the Italian herbalism tradition combined with modern science to the U.S. since 1987.
All guests will receive a gift certificate of great value.
February 6th,RSVP by phone or e mail..2129661445 or

Grazie and arrivederci...

L'Alegria Salon & Spa in New York,

Your invitation....

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  1. Thank you Anne,
    yes it has been conceived many years ago on the basis of the traditional environment of an Italian high end "Erboristeria"(herbal pharmacy)
    we hope to have you visiting us soon-my warmest greetings from Rome-Francesco

  2. I will see you tonight at your event!

  3. Ciao Anne,
    unfortunately i won't be able to be there cause i'm actually here in Rome,but i hope to meet all of you friends at the next event which will be very soon after this,
    thank you again and have fun tonight