Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where the Italian Neroli Oil found its house.

Nerola,a small village few miles away from Rome where the Neroli oil found its house.

Walking around the "house of the Neroli oil"  close to Rome,the Erbe owner,Ms Miraglia, takes the right inspiration to answer one of the questions made to her during her  last interview;

From where or whom do you draw your greatest inspiration?

”Of course the first “ maestro” is the work of  famous herbalist physicians from the 15th centuries. They were the first to codify and create beauty products as we know them today. But, I must say that the fascinating and charming word of the women in my life as I was growing up, had the strongest influence in my future chooses. Their life style, the attention they had towards beauty and health, my mother exchanging receipts and beauty secrets with friend, and the smell of the flowers in our evenings promenades,  made me realize that that was the world I wanted to leave in, a simple and elegant life style made of quality and care”

Real Anti-Aging Results plus Cellular Renewal For All Skin Types and Uneven Tone

Orange C Serum offers anti-oxidant, hydrating, toning and clarifying qualities. Refines skin’s texture and helps firming relaxed skin. Our Orange C Serum helps prevent aging and loss of elasticity.  Lightly astringent and clarifying, refines texture while firming face contour and leaving . Is recommended to massage gently till Serum is completely absorbed. Follow with moisturizers.  1 fl.oz item 6020 

Lavender Distilled Water 
Rosemary & Propolis Purifying Moisturizer
Chamomile Soothing Moisturizer                     
Chamomile & Hawthorne cleansing mil
Pennywort Exfoliating Cream 
Rosemary, Propolis & Clay Purifying Mask

Chamomile moisturizer

USE  Is recommended to massage gently till Serum is completely absorbed. 

Orange C Serum has great anti-oxidant properties, protects and promotes cellular renewal contributing  to clarify epidermis  and refine texture. Enhance tone and elasticity restoring a more youthful complexion.   

Key Benefits

·         Delicate and hydrating C Serum with mild exfoliating action
·         Nourishes, clarifies and firms skin
·         Diminishes signs of aging
·         Instantly refines skin texture
·         Increases coetaneous elasticity
·         Promotes renewal of healthy skin cells
·         Antioxidant, combats free radicals


ORANGE lightly astringent, improves unevenly textured skin 
LAVENDER sothing, balancing, clarifying 
CHAMOMILE calmimg, antiredness

Bitter oranges, organically grown in the south of Italy, have been traditionally used in medicine to provide antioxidants and free radical protection able to increase the skin's natural defense and to prevent cellular damage.

Vitamin C,found in highly curative oranges, is also a great purifier making it ideal for impure skin with dilated pores.

Generally speaking, we know already vitamins activate our vital systems, protect the cellular membranes, reinforce our skin’s resistance, and slow down the aging process. Vitamin C in particular, cofactor of collagen synthesis, is used in cosmetics for the important role it covers in skin hydratation.

Once vitamin C is turned into a cosmetic component, it is able to help skin brighten the irregular pigmentation,through tyrosine, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of melanin.
Again vitamin C possesses important anti radical action and acts as anti-oxidant in stabilizing the free radicals.

It also presents a fundamental hydrating action; through the regeneration of the depleted vitamin E by free radicals, vitamin C permits the full hydrating process and contributes to preserve over time the elasticity of the skin.

ERBE has been bringing the Italian cosmetics in the United States by  embracing  and modernizing  the work of 15th and 16th century Italian herbalists, physicians and herbalist monks from celebrated monasteries,and  combining our local and centuries-old knowledge of the Italian beauty culture formulations with the most recent cosmetics preparation's procedures and modern technology. Our practices are informed by the accumulation of information that has been researched, tested, improved, and enhanced over hundreds of years. 

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