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"Buon giorno" to everybody,we are so thrilled to give you just a little piece of this wonderful Italian monastery we are exploring to search for new inspirations

Inside an ancient Italian monastery close to Rome.

The techniques of preparation of scented oils by maceration of flowers, herbs and spices in vegetable oils has remained largely the same over the centuries, until the development of the process of distilling the essence which  allowed to replace at least part of the long process of maceration,giving also aromatic oils therapeutic efficacy and safety of use unknown before.

The therapeutic properties of the essential oils in pharmacology are also the foundation of their special and profound action in dermo-cosmetics.

That branch of aromatherapy known as  aroma cosmetic uses the power of penetration through the tissues of the essences to establish beauty treatments that are not limited to the surface of the skin, but to be correct in a stable cells renewal process.

The antiseptic power of the essences is active, not only for lesions, wounds and sores, even for a general time-disinfectant action to rid the skin of microinfection that cause pimples, eczema, rashes, etc..

Essential oils perform the function of stimulating the exhausted tissues, promote cell renewal and maintain constant the level of purification.

The best results are obtained with blends of essential oils that work in synergy with  oils or creams or emulsions.

The most recent research has developed dermo-cosmetic functional products based on specific essences for various treatments that integrate the therapeutic aspect-base with the aesthetic.

More practically, the plants can be considered as a laboratory containing many chemicals, extractable in different ways depending on the method used. From each of these methods it is possible to obtain a final product with specific requirements and characteristics, with specific therapeutic indications. The extractive techniques applied to material of vegetable nature, are employed as well as for obtaining the pure active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants.

Aromacosmetics are based on the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils.

The sources and quality of the row natural ingredients play a primary role, harvest must occur in season and in the (balsamic time) when the plants offer the most of their therapeutic properties

The three steps to follow to prepare an essential oil to be used in cosmetics-Maceration-Filtering-Distilled.


Parts of the fresh plant are placed in an airtight container and covered with almond oil or other base oils for 30 days


After this period the oil is filtered and transferred into another container and skips to the pressing plant mixed with oil that contains most of the functional substances in the plant itself. Two more days of resting, then a second screening and other purifying processes occur  before the oil, filtered and pure, is ready for distillation.


Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation. The pressurized steam is introduced into the lower part of the distiller and passes through the plant parts or oil to vaporize the volatile oils contained in them.  It is a method that applies to most of the aromatic plants and exploits the physical properties of essences, in particular their volatility.It is to separate the essential oil from the plant origin using a jet of water vapor, which invests plant tissues and "carries" the essence. From the process you get two final products: the distillate and the aromatic water. This is the water that comes from the condensation of the same steam, scented by a small fraction of essence dissolved in it.

For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have relied on the healing properties of natural plants and flowers to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on.


Dehydrated, Mature Skin, Loss of Elasticity

SKIN TYPE ;Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature, Irregular Pigmentation        


An intensive treatment created especially for dehydrated and relaxed skin,to gradually restore tone and elasticity of the deepest epidermis layers, to replenish essential nutrients into the skin delaying the aging processes of the cells.
 ERBE Geranium night moisturizer helps firm and revitalize tired and mature skin,
 It is slowly absorbed into the skin throughout the night, to awake in the morning with a softer and fresher skin tone.
 rich in regenerative and toning properties
 helps prevent premature loss of elasticity and emerging age lines
 smoothes fine lines and face contour.
 natural remedy for irritated skin conditions such as Eczema and Dermatitis,

SUGGESTED PRODUCTS Chamomile Cleansing Milk Lavender-Neroli Distilled Tonic Water Chamomile-Rosemary Mask Lavender-Neroli Aromatherapy Oil Chamomile Eye Contour cream Orange C Serum

USE  Apply cleansed skin and massage with small circular movements

SALES POINTS   Geranuim Pelargonium is especially indicated for dull dehydrated skin, resistant to treatments, it slowly penetrates deeper skin layer to restore a smooth appearance with renewed skin tone and elasticity.


GERANUIM; Balancing,healing
YARROW; Tonifying,  mildly  astringent
MALLOW; Soothing, refreshing
 JOJOBA; Emollient
WHEAT GERM OIL; Nourishing, antioxidant 

-Chamomile eye contour

The authentic Italian beauty culture treats the delicate skin around your eyes.The synergic healing action of the following plants and flowers creates your ideal eye treatment and make-up base.

Chamomile; anti-inflammatory, treats capillary fragility, helps calm eczema

Mallow; healing, decongestant, helps prevent age lines and reduce eye swelling.
Calendula; treats dry and flaking skin, softens ad prevents dehydratation.
Horse chestnut-improves circulation
Karite'; a natural emollient and anti wrinkle.
Jojoba; tonic, treats dry skin and wrinkles.

The Erbe chamomile eye contour is based on this soothing and gentle formulation, which helps the delicate part around our eyes maintain the elasticity, reduce signs of fatigue and the appearance of fine lines.

-Calendula Body Lotion 

Nourishing, Healing, Anti Stretch Marks

Our Calendula, Orange Blossom, Echinacea, Ginseng and Wheat Germ Oil Body Lotion, nourishes, hydrates and heals dry/flaky skin while protecting from dehydration and frequent washing. Prepared with precious nourishing and emollient botanicals, Calendula Body Lotion is calming and anti-inflammatory, refreshes and softens the skin leaving it toned and smooth. Calendula is also safe to use during and after pregnancy to help prevent and minimize stretch marks. The scent of orange blossom is mild and clean, agreeable to both men and women.


Orange Blossom
Wheat Germ Oil

Key Benefits:

The richest of Erbe body lotions

Nourishes, hydrates, and protects from hard water

Prevents dehydration and reduce redness

Prevents loss of elasticity

Recommended during pregnancy to prevent and minimize stretch marks

Additional Notes

 The mild and clean scent of Orange Blossom essential oil is agreeable to both men and women. Calendula associated with Echinacea is essential in preventing stretch marks.

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