Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The extraordinary feeling of being immersed into a beautiful calendula field in Tuscany

Coming back from a beautiful calendula field in the southern Tuscany,to double check the quality of our herbs,and to know better the fields and region where our raw materials are grown and harvested.

This is the calendula field before being harvested,we think it has reached the perfect harvesting time,or what we call the "balsamic time"of the plants,when the plants offer the most of their therapeutic properties.

This is the same calendula we use for our:


 Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin 

 SKIN TYPE Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin  

· INDICATIONS; TOTAL NOURISHMENT FOR THE SKIN; one moisturizer for your morning and night time beauty routine that results in a smoother, clearer and younger-looking skin.   In the morning it hydrates, revitalizes and stimulates, at night, it nourishes and soothes diffused redness with natural emollients and nutrients that are essential to maintain a firm and younger looking skin. Royal Jelly has highly soothing properties indicated also to treat rosacea condition  

· Erbe’s Royal Jelly, rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants   is substantial rich, yet non oily, it absorbs completely into the skin ,prevents the formation of premature age lines and loss of elasticity,promotes the renewal of younger skin cells.   

· SUGGESTED PRODUCTS Chamomile Cleansing Milk Rose,Neroli Distilled Tonic Water Chamomile  & Hawthorn Soothing and Hydrating  Mask, Neroli Aromatherapy Oil Chamomile, Eye Contour cream ,Orange C Serum  

· USE  After cleansing and toning, apply to face and throat with a gentle circular massage.  

· SALES POINTS   With daily use, the antioxidant action helps delay aging processes and aids in preventing the formation of premature age lines and loss of elasticity,   

· PREPARED WITH ROYAL JELLLY Extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and active principles  

 EVENING PRIMROSE Anti wrinkle, heals dehydrated skin,  
 HOPS tonic, anti-aging, firming  CALENDULA treats dry and flaky skin, softening, cicatrizant  
 CHAMOMILE soothing, protects capyllaries
 WHEAT GERM OIL nourishing, rich in Vitamin A-E-F, antioxidant

ERBE has brought the Italian  valuable botanical active principles in the United States, by  embracing  and modernizing  the work of 15th and 16th century Italian herbalists, physicians and herbalist monks from celebrated monasteries,and  combining our local and centuries-old knowledge of the Italian beauty culture formulations with the most recent cosmetics preparation's procedures and modern technology. Our practices are informed by the accumulation of information that has been researched, tested, improved, and enhanced over hundreds of years. 

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