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People are not only consumers-keeping a faithful and growing clientele for many years is possible without ever making advertising campaign

We think the absolute pure scent of the products is a consistence positive first approach.
The natural, delicate and elegant smell that has to characterize a unique product introduced into this mass distribution cosmetics market, has to be inviting and evocative, creating an immediate feeling of trust and confidence for a traditional and solid history of cosmetic manufacturing and not just another cosmetic brand with no other origin but a lab born chemical product.Texture also plays a big role and for example after using ERBE products, the biggest comment we hear “ it really worked for me, cannot go back to other commercial  products” . What is remarkable is that we  still have a faithful and growing clientele for so many years without ever making an advertising campaign.

Our work is the testimony of an ancient tradition of Italian Herbalism.
From a dream of quality, herbs and alchemy came a business.”
Born into a centuries old tradition we refined our knowledge studying herbs and their therapeutical benefits for the health and beauty, with herbalist monks in the Italian country side.This allowed us to discover and access a vast library of information and philosophy of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture, with all its history, practices and work of herbalist monks and physicians from the 15th century. Part inherited part collected, Erbe accumulates a considerable knowledge and methods of the phyto/aroma cosmetics, improving and optimizing classic formulations, combining science with nature to make the world’s finest cosmetics and perfumes. The Erbe product developer spend several years working in the family pharmacy, where each cream was made of fresh fruits, essential oils and herbs with no preservatives that expired after two to three weeks. She remembers as a young girl in the summer her aunts making me creams out of fresh herbs and fruits and how amazing that was every summer. Then,she expanded into making custom cosmetics for some of Italy’s leading families. These custom cosmetics caused a sensation, being that each product was custom blended specifically for each client’s skin type. Of course all was done on a small scale and before she started dedicating her entire time in developing ERBE, she collaborated part time as a product developer for some of Europe’s most prestigious cosmetic companies,but she found herself frustrated with the synthetic nature of the products she was developing under request, so she decided to do what her ancestors have been doing for centuries and put it in packages and sell it on a larger scale.

Ms Carmen Miraglia,the Erbe onwer and product developer states;our first “ maestro” is the work of  famous herbalist physicians from the 15th centuries. They were the first to codify and create beauty products as we know them today. But, I must say that the fascinating and charming word of the women in my life as I was growing up, had the strongest influence in my future chooses. Their life style, the attention they had towards beauty and health, my mother exchanging receipts and beauty secrets with friend, and the smell of the flowers in our evenings promenades,  made me realize that that was the world I wanted to leave in, a simple and elegant life style made of quality and care.
Confidence and trust are the major assets we have had all along  
our retail operation. I learned that people are not just consumers, I felt all the way that there is a lack of professional skills among retail operators,  they undervalue the power of honesty and loving approach with clients. Is all aimed to make a quick sale and not to cultivate a clientele. When I was running the retail operation, I found that people need to feel unique and important, they have to trust that the product suggested is the perfect and appropriate product for them. Of course this have to be sustained by a trained personnel ."

There are many good memories starting with our clients bringing their teen age children from great compliments we had from several celebrity clients but, the most moving thing is when we saw people regaining a youthful skin and appearance a see their total satisfaction and happiness. We have to admit that  most of the people who have been using ERBE products methodically for a long time, they kept a younger skin and vs. people who did not.


Dehydrated, Mature Skin, Loss of Elasticity 

SKIN TYPE ;Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature, Irregular Pigmentation          


An intensive treatment created especially for dehydrated and relaxed skin,to gradually restore tone and elasticity of the deepest epidermis layers, to replenish essential nutrients into the skin delaying the aging processes of the cells. 

 ERBE Geranium night moisturizer helps firm and revitalize tired and mature skin, 
 It is slowly absorbed into the skin throughout the night, to awake in the morning with a softer and fresher skin tone.
 rich in regenerative and toning properties
 helps prevent premature loss of elasticity and emerging age lines
 smoothes fine lines and face contour. 
 natural remedy for irritated skin conditions such as Eczema and Dermatitis,  

SUGGESTED PRODUCTS Chamomile Cleansing Milk Lavender-Neroli Distilled Tonic Water Chamomile-Rosemary Mask Lavender-Neroli Aromatherapy Oil Chamomile Eye Contour cream Orange C Serum  

USE  Apply cleansed skin and massage with small circular movements   

SALES POINTS   Geranuim Pelargonium is especially indicated for dull dehydrated skin, resistant to treatments, it slowly penetrates deeper skin layer to restore a smooth appearance with renewed skin tone and elasticity.  


GERANUIM; Balancing,healing 
YARROW; Tonifying,  mildly  astringent 
MALLOW; Soothing, refreshing
 JOJOBA; Emollient 
WHEAT GERM OIL; Nourishing, antioxidant 

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