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Spreading in the U.S. the philosophy and culture of our Italian grandmothers herbal knowledge

That branch of Aromatherapy known as  aroma/cosmetica  uses the power of penetration through the tissues of the essences, to establish beauty treatments that are not limited to the surface of the skin but, to be corrected in a stable cells renewal  process. The therapeutic  properties  of the essential oils in pharmacology are also the foundation of their special and profound action in dermo-cosmetics.
Essential oils perform the function of stimulating the exhausted tissues, promote cell renewal and maintain constant the level of purification. The best results are obtained with blends of essential oils that work synergy with  oils or creams or emulsions and extractions.

 The most recent research has developed dermo-cosmetic functional products based on specific essences for various treatments that integrate the therapeutic aspect-base with the aesthetic. More practically, the plants can be considered as a laboratory containing many chemicals, extractable in different ways depending on the method used. From each of these methods it is possible to obtain a final product with specific requirements and characteristics, with specific therapeutic indications. 

The extractive techniques applied to material of vegetable nature, are employed as well as for obtaining the pure active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants. Aroma-cosmetics are based on the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils. The sources and quality of the row natural ingredients play a primary role, harvest must occur in season and in the (balsamic time) when the plants offer the most of their therapeutic properties.

There is a growing public seeking natural products but it is difficult to discern among the many so called “ natural” “organic” brands. There is a lot of confusion and I feel is important for me to be distinguished by that type of categories because, regardless of their claim, in reality most cosmetic company uses the same commercial bases as everyone else, synthetic or “reconstructed” essential oils and inert row ingredients. So far ERBE has been recognized as the only brand reflecting the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture and our plan is try to pursue this concept with integrity and innovations.

A natural Calendula field growing at a small village  close to Rome

A letter from the owner;

“Since 1988,my work has been  the testimony of an ancient tradition of Italian Herbalism in the U.S.”.

“From a dream of quality, herbs and alchemy came a business.

I remember as a young girl in the summer my aunts making me creams out of fresh herbs and fruits and how amazing that was every summer. I expanded into making custom cosmetics for some of Italy’s leading families. These custom cosmetics caused a sensation, being that each product was custom blended specifically for each client’s skin type. Of course all was done on a small scale and before I dedicate my entire time in developing ERBE, I collaborate part time as a product developer for some of Europe’s most prestigious cosmetic companies, I found myself frustrated with the synthetic nature of the products I was developing under request, so I decided to do what my ancestors have been doing for centuries and put it in packages and sell it on a larger scale.

We rely on the work of family owned business for years who are determined to continue and maintain a traditional method of manufacturing passed on from generation to generation. We work very close for over 25 years now. Actually the new generation is more dedicated to quality, they have chosen to improve and grow with particular attention to quality and integrity. From our sources of the plants, their transformation and their employment, we control every aspect of production, including our packaging and designs. My suppliers, my graphic designer, my lab collaborators and I have formed a trustworthy team and by learning from each other, we create these products that are designed to be safe, functional and pleasant to use.

I think the absolute pure scent of the products is a consistence positive first approach.
The natural, delicate and elegant smell that characterizes all our products, is inviting and evocative, creating an immediate feeling of trust and confidence for a traditional and solid history of cosmetic manufacturing and not just another cosmetic brand with no other origin but a lab born chemical product.Texture also plays a big role and after using ERBE products, the biggest comment I hear “ it really worked for me, cannot go back to other commercial  products” . What is remarkable is that I still have a faithful and growing clientele for so many years without ever making an advertising campaign.

Ms Carmen Miraglia

During the past Italian alchemists and herbalists were used to using calendula to heal scares. This flower, indeed, is able to accelerate the natural healing process of scars and stimulate skin tissue granulation when burns, abrasions and small plagues occur. Calendula optimizes also skin blood circulation by promoting an antibacterial activity.

The high carotenoidi content found inside Calendula provides this flower with  anti inflammatory properties which stimulate the immune protection.Indeed, the essential oil found inside carotenoide has been demonstrated to have incredible antibacterial and antivirus properties.

The flavonoidi content found in the Calendula provides this flower with emollient,soothing and refreshing properties.Therefore ,we recommend 
it to treat babies privates's irritations ,because Calendula healing capacity isolates the irritated part of the skin and adjusts the humidity degree. 

Again Calendula is very helpful to prevent and cure redden
ing skin during the winter if it is applied constantly from the begin until the end  of the cold season.

Calendula processing technique

Many of those  ancient healing remedies,especially ones related to the cure of the skin,  have been developed and refined throughout the centuries  by famous historical herbalists, who created the concept of phytotherapy, the therapy based on the natural healing properties of the herbs,whose tradition still continues today in many celebrated monasteries in italy.

On the basis of this old tradition and by combining that with the most modern technology in cosmetics we develop our Calendula Body Lotion and royal jelly moisturizer.

Nourishing, Healing, Anti Stretch Marks Calendula Body lotion

Our Calendula, Orange Blossom, Echinacea, Ginseng and Wheat Germ Oil Body Lotion, nourishes, hydrates and heals dry/flaky skin while protecting from dehydration and frequent washing. Prepared with precious nourishing and emollient botanicals Calendula Body Lotion is calming and anti-inflammatory, refreshes and softens the skin leaving it toned and smooth. Calendula is also safe to use during and after pregnancy to help prevent and minimize stretch marks. The scent of orange blossom is mild and clean, agreeable to both men and women. 
Orange Blossom

Wheat Germ Oil

Key Benefits:

  • The richest of Erbe body lotions
  • Nourishes, hydrates, and protects from hard water
  • Prevents dehydration and attenuates redness
  • Prevents loss of elasticity
  • Recommended during pregnancy to prevent and minimize stretch marks

ERBE has brought the Italian  valuable botanical active principles in the United States, by  embracing  and modernizing  the work of 15th and 16th century Italian herbalists, physicians and herbalist monks from celebrated monasteries,and  combining our local and centuries-old knowledge of the Italian beauty culture formulations with the most recent cosmetics preparation's procedures and modern technology. Our practices are informed by the accumulation of information that has been researched, tested, improved, and enhanced over hundreds of years. 

 Our story and 

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