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The Chamomile essential oil treats damaged capillaries, helps eczema and allergic conditions.

Where italian plants have been growing for centuries.

Clinical studies show that inhaling the aroma of essential oils turns on the entire neuron-endocrine system, the neurological area which intimately affects our deepest emotion. The oils fragrance help re-establish harmony, either in the body’s physiology up to a mental emotional level, balancing our entire personality.
Once absorbed through massage, essential oils penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin helping to relieve areas of congestion and improving the quality of our self regulating resources. Essential oils have properties that make them suitable for the maintenance and health of the skin, for personal hygiene, as well as to prevent unbalanced skin conditions. They also help protect cellular membranes from premature aging processes and to diffuse aromatic scents at home to perfume and disinfect. They also act to prevent a wide range of skin disorders associated with aging, resulting in long-lasting, positive effects.

Therefore, the versatile properties of these oils and their lack of side effects make Aromatherapy a great alternative to conventional medicine for many conditions.
Based on years of experience and passion in the aromatherapy field, Erbe, which has the reputation of extracting the best quality of essential oils in Italy, is proud to introduce these healing and beautifying oils ready to use on the face, body or as massage oils. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and cannot be used pure, they are invariably deluded in base oils.

Nourish and tone your delicate skin with Italian organic cosmetic oils directly extracted from plants found in this incredible vegetation.
For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have used almond oil to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on.

Organic Vegetable Oils nourish dry your skin. Hydrated skin is less subject to the aging process and more enduring than dry skin. What’s more, dry skin is delicate and so more likely to be affected by wrinkles, dilated capillaries and irregular pigmentation.
We are particularly aware of these conditions and have created products that nourish delicate skin. The most affective way to treat this condition is to apply pure oils, extracted from selected plants. Those oils have properties that both nourish and tone. They possess moisturizing, softening and other healing properties.

We find the oils extracted from sweet almonds very effective and we recommend them for dry and even dehydrated skin. They also work beautifully to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and to heal different skin conditions. We recommend applying them onto skin with a soft massage using a warm and humid sponge.

We also suggest using sweet almond oils on the stomach and upper body during the 3th month of pregnancy. They may also be applied to this inside of your arms during a diet regime, to prevent stretch marks appearance, which once visible, are very difficult to eliminate.
However, when stretch marks are still in their initial development stage—identifiable from their pink or red color— they can be still alleviated with regular application of sweet almond oils.
For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have used of almond oil to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on.

The information provided on this site is for education purposes only and is not intended to assess, diagnose or prescribed for any medical condition. Always seek the counsel of a qualified health care practitioner for concerns.


A lot of cosmetics contain “chemicals” deriving from plants and “transformed” into a preservatives or antibacterial that may complete or enhance the functional activity of the plants. Essential oils, in their pure form and extracted in a safe way, are great preservatives and anti-oxidants, if we extract the active principal of the Lemon, we obtain the “ascorbic acid” used as a preservative and so on. Many plants, once they go under a transformation process may assume a fantasy name, we rigorously select the additives to incorporate in our products. The process of “transformation”, of vegetal origin ingredients, is fundamental to realize our line of products.

Based on this simple concept we have formulated our soothing and hydrating chamomile moisturizer.

Soothing, hydrating, anty-inflammatory moisturizer for dry, delicate and sensitive skin, capillary fragility.
Light and non-oily hypo-allergenic cream, with soothing and hydrating qualities. Especially formulated for delicate, sensitive and fair skin with a tendency to redness and/or with coupe rose condition, helping to strengthen damaged capillaries and lighten visible ones.
Replenishes moisture and nourishes, with delicate and precious essential oils and emollients, preventing loss of elasticity and premature appearance of fine lines.
Softens and protects, restoring an even and radiant complexion

The soothing chamomile essential oil characterizes the aroma of our chamomile moisturizer made with the special botanical formulation below which is perfectly absorbed by the skin without leaving any residues:

Chamomile: soothes, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries, anti-inflammatory, and helps eczema and allergic conditions.

Sweet almond oil: emollient, nutrient, used traditionally to prevent dehydration and signs of aging.
Butcher’s Broom: protects and restores elasticity to capillaries.
Licorice; anti redness, anti irritant, treats acne, calms allergic skin and improves condition of fragile capillaries.
Horse chestnut; astringent, tonic, improves circulation, refreshes
Hawthorne: improves circulation, lightly astringent with tonic and healing effects especially for capillaries
Karite’: a natural emollient, antiwrinkle, tonic, protective and nourishing.

Key benefits;

Light, soothing, anti-redness moisturizer
Hydrates and prevents coetaneous aging
Reduces diffused redness and skin irritation
Helps strengthen and diminish visible capillaries
Improves circulation
Restores a clear tone and luminous skin
Thoroughly absorbs, leaving no shiny residues
Ideal for men to soothe razor burn

Note; perfect make-up base also ideal for men to prevent and calm razor burn.

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