Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Olive oil and Oxygen work together and give birth to our newest and most innovative formula to delay skin aging process.

Scientific experiments and studies from "Universita'degli studi di Roma-La sapienza”, the main Rome University, have demonstrated the strong antibacterial and strong emollient action of ozonized olive oil (olive oil and oxygen combined together through the most modern technology in cosmetics) enriched with vitamin E.The dermatological application obtained important results in the treatment of acne, wrinkles, ulcers, infections and open lesions.

We are excited to present you the Olea Europea Biocream with the new and innovative ozone-oxygen and Vitamin E.

Our new moisturizer is produced exclusively with Biological-ozonized olive-oil, vitamin E and vegetable collagen.
Why skin ages and what the ozonized olive oil can do to slow down this process?

1)Olea Europea Biocream with Ozone-oxygen and Vitamin E.
Photo protector with a strong absorbent capacity of the UBA-UV IR radiations.

The ozonized olive-oil, so formulated, enriches millions of molecules of oxygen, a super active principle which quickens the cellular metabolism by regenerating the cutaneous tissue. Just the released oxygen of this moisturizer stimulates the renewal of the cellular activity; moreover it delays the dehydratation, it renews, and reinvigorates, nourishing the skin.
Its active principals act in synergy with ozonized olive oil to hydrate, regenerate and protect the skin while, with its filling effects, prevents the formation of wrinkles, promotes the cellular activity, protects from free radicals, and stimulates the antioxidant enzymes, giving the glow and elasticity of a young and healthy skin.

2)Energetic Renewals of the skin are the key for maintaining it in good health.

With age, the speedy and the quality of the cellular renewal are reduced, rendering the skin thinner and more fragile. At 20 years old the skin is renewed every three weeks, but at 50 years old every nine weeks. After 25 years, the sebum, the collagen and the elastin production begins to lower, resulting in premature formation of wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

3)Scientific experiments and studies from Universita'degli studi di Roma “La sapienza”
Have demonstrated the strong antibacterial and strong emollient action of ozonized olive oil enriched with vitamin E.The dermatological application obtained important results in the treatment of acne, wrinkles, ulcers, infections and open lesions.

4) Effects of ozonized olive oil
- an effective ant wrinkles action
- antibacterial action
- strong sedative of the redness with an increase (+15%) of ant oxidative molecules
- Photo protector with a strong absorbent capacity of the UBA-UV IR radiations
- The inhibition of the peroxidiziment, capturing the free radicals
- Increase of defensive capacity and of the energetic contents of the skin cells
- It renews, reinvigorates and nourishing the skin.

Ozonized olive oil


Since the ancient Egyptians time, the oil of olive has been considered a multifunctional cosmetic and a medicine; it was the Pharaohs’ cosmetics base. During the Greeks time it used to be employed to rubbing and massaging the Olympic athletes before the competition; the ancient Romans considered the olive oil massage as a”youth bath”.
The olive oil has been used all along as hydrating, soothing and smoothing treatment for the skin, as nutrient and anti inflammatory for every condition of skin dryness and peeling, and it was also recommended as hair treatment and cosmetics.
Our grandmothers were aware of the fact it was also useful to protect the skin from the sun damages, but especially it was the best remedy to heal the skin from an excessive sun exposure.
Recent studies have shown the olive oil contains a triglyceride composition very similar to the skin’s sebum, and its particular lipid layer and cellular membranes make it the one with more affinities with the skin among all the rest of the natural lipids, by acting as sebum regulator.Moreover, the cold pressing organic olive oil is rich of vitamins A and E, known for their anti oxidant properties and all along”skin’s friend”.
Despite all of its qualities, the use of the olive oil was set aside for a long time by the modern dermocosmetics because it was too greasy, little usable, hard to be absorbed and impossible to vaporize.However, things have been changing lately since the oil of olive has met another natural product which is a big friend of the well being: the ozone.


Ozone is a gas composed by three molecules of oxygen, if it is correctly used and in the right doses, it has a lot of healing properties we can rely on, whose explanation on how they work can briefly be summarized in this way; ozone provides cells with oxygen.
Ozone is gurgled directly in the olive oil at a known concentration and for a set time; in this way the ozone exerts its oxidant action on the lipids chains of the olive oil, by modifying their composition and content and by disappearing as an ozone form to remain only as oxygen.
During the ozonization process, the percentage of triglyceride contained in the olive oil decreases from 97% to 60%; the remaining part of the triglyceride is subjected to the oxidation process by the ozone, leading to the formation of many minor high biological action constituents.
The reduction of the triglyceride content makes the oil less greesy, more easily usable and applicable on the skin, by maintaining its cellular membranes and sebum similarity unchanged, and leaving also its soothing action unchanged.

Ozonidi e Ozonuri

The lipids percentage contained in the olive oil which has reacted with the ozone leads to the formation of high biological action substances called ozonidi,ozonuri and perossidi,which exert their action when they come into contact with the skin; the main effects are the following;
-give way oxygen to the skin, by improving the local oxygenation;
-capture directly the free radicals, by exerting a direct anti oxidant action
-stimulate and activate the natural anti oxidant enzymes by exerting an indirect antioxidant action.
-Stimulating and activating the cellular metabolisms
-Exerting an anti germs, fungus and viruses action
-Exerting a skin cells renewal and regenerative action on the coetaneous tissues.
-Exerting a photo protective action
---Exerting a smoothing and anti inflammatory action, by reducing the redness of the skin
-Increasing the skin hydro capacity (capacity of holding the water molecules) and afterwards make the skin more hydrated
-Facilitating the absorption of other substances which eventually are used at the same time or after the use of the ozonized olive oil.

Ozonidi,ozonure e perossidi are released by the ozonized olive oil after the product is applied, gradually and continuously for an around 8 hours prolonged period of time
All of those effects, combined to the quality of the olive oil, make this product the best friend’s skin and of its health, and so of its beauty, because our skin is beautiful only when is health.
Our cream is a totally natural product, with no nickel and hypoallergenic, a big innovation in this era dominated by industrial synthetic creams of different types, may be useful but potentially allergenic and toxic

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