Monday, August 27, 2012

An eye treatment and make up base come from the synergic action of the following plants.


The authentic Italian beauty culture treats the delicate skin around your eyes.
The synergic healing action of the following plants and flowers creates your ideal eye treatment and make-up base.
Chamomile; anti-inflammatory, treats capillary fragility, helps calm eczema
Mallow; healing, decongestant, helps prevent age lines and reduce eye swelling.
Calendula; treats dry and flaking skin, softens ad prevents dehydratation.
Horse chestnut-improves circulation
Karite'; a natural emollient and anti wrinkle.
Jojoba; tonic, treats dry skin and wrinkles.
The Erbe chamomile eye contour is based on this soothing and gentle formulation, which helps the delicate part around our eyes maintain the elasticity, reduce signs of fatigue and the appearance of fine lines.
Our eye contour is anti-irritant ad hypo-allergenic, safe enough for hyper sensitive or allergic skin.
For centuries Italian alchemists and herbalists have relied on the concept of herbal formulation, to heal dry skin and to ameliorate the effects of aging. It is an age-old practice that perhaps hasn’t been improved on. 


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